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    Take full advantage of your multi-channel capabilities

    Whether in a branch, on mobile, or in person, Blend helps banks impress consumers at every step of their journey. Deliver conversion-worthy experiences.

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    Reduce costs by leveraging intelligent data

    Blend automates and eliminates processing tasks to give your team more time for the things that matter most: growing your business and delivering an outstanding lending experience.

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    Banks can build lifetime value with products to meet customer needs

    Offer and manage multiple products, conveniently bundled on the same platform. From opening a new account to purchasing a new home, serve your customers across their banking journey on Blend.

"At the end of the day, Blend has developed technology that is aimed at allowing us to compete well above the levels we would be able to in its absence."

Bob DriscollExecutive Vice President of Home Lending, Blue Hills Bank Read case study