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Credit Cards, Auto, and Personal Loans

Break down product and channel silos, accelerate innovation in lending, and activate growth with ready-to-deploy onboarding journeys.

Lending on your terms

Balance the digital and human side of customer experiences with the intelligence of your lending policies baked into easy-to-navigate workflows for borrowers and bankers.

Growth drivers

Improve conversion rates by removing workflow stops and interruptions, saving and resuming experiences, cross-selling offers, supporting campaigns and promos, providing immediate decisioning, and automating follow-ups.

Productivity levers

Synchronous connectivity between digital and banker workspaces enables customers and bankers to focus on the most productive work and avoid unnecessary data input and manual effort.

Speed and efficiency catalysts

Extensive ecosystem of native and third party integrations intelligently power workflow automations to reduce manual work efforts and accelerate loan origination and decisioning.

Experience elevations

Onboard loan products with speed and ease and provide consistent customer experiences through guided banker origination workflows, real-time feedback and communications, and intuitive journeys.

Innovation and insights

Configurable, low-code, drag-and-drop architecture enables rapid optimization of performance, and an easily accessible reporting and analytics dashboard ensures data helps inform your decisions.

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Blue rectangular card featuring mobile view of vehicle identification confirmation
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Desktop view of application approval product screen
Desktop view of reporting dashboard

Get to the finish line, faster

Originating a loan is your customer’s means to an end. Key features help accomplish their real goal, faster.

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Enable borrowers to access and ingest supporting documents in their loan portal, preventing frustrating channel hop, delays, and scattered communication methods.

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Incorporate your business logic to automatically provide next steps and accelerate the time between decision, processing, and closing.

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Collateral look-up

Instantly get the most up-to-date vehicle details and valuations from integrations and partnerships with direct-from-source data providers.

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Personalize and maximize cross-sell opportunities directly within the application experience, using your FICO scores and tradeline data.

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Debt consolidation

Approve more loans, faster by capturing debt consolidations details up front.

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Frozen Credit

Keep borrowers on track towards a self-served pre-approval, even when consumers have a credit freeze.

“We want a consumer solution for all products because we don’t want our members to have different experiences on different platforms.”

Ron Senci

Executive Vice President of Sales and Lending, Elements Financial


increase in approved applications for vehicle loans, personal loans, and credit cards


average reduction in application submission times for vehicle loans, personal loans, and credit cards


average increase in deposit account application submission rate

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