Consumer experience

Putting consumers at the center

Our industry-leading application experience uses a conversational interface, embedded services to leverage consumer data, and user-centered design to maximize pull-through rates.

Lender experience

Enabling omnichannel customer engagement

We provide role-based workspaces for loan teams and bankers. Enable access to the right products and level of guidance by role, so team members can collaborate with consumers and close loans faster.

Blend Verification

Letting the data do the work

We reduce the risk of fraud and errors by replacing document uploads with connections to financial data sources and by automating third party verification of identity, income, assets, and employment.

Blend Intelligence

Accelerating the workflow

We transform the lending process by using artificial intelligence to analyze application data, identify issues that could cause delays, automate resolution tasks, and drive predictive conditioning.

Security and compliance

Compliance by design

Our platform is built to meet the compliance and security standards of leading financial institutions. We are ISO 27001 certified, build to ADA standards, and maintain audit trails for system events.

Integrations and APIs

Open for co-development and partnership

We offer pre-built integrations with top providers in mortgage and consumer banking, including core banking systems, CRM, data verifications, LOS, pricing, and doc gen providers, as well as with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our APIs also enable rapid development of new integrations.