Built for the modern lending enterprise.

Blend’s advanced technology platform deploys simply and adapts swiftly to your organization, providing immediate business value.


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Enterprise-ready with configurability at its core.

Blend's technology adapts easily to the unique needs of your lending enterprise.

Although Blend offers the most efficient end-to-end originations process out of the box, creating and customizing new workflows is easy.
Your unique voice and identity are important to maintaining relationships with your borrowers. With Blend, it’s easy to customize copy and design to make it your own.
Whether it's income, bank, or tax information, connecting your enterprise to high-fidelity, lossless data at its source is as easy as flipping a switch.

Blend is the best tool a lender can use…it totally simplifies the process.

Agent, Top 15 Mortgage Lender

Rapid deployment, immediate impact.

Blend deploys as an efficient stand-alone system or as command center to your existing software and data sources. The Blend Platform can be in place within a few weeks, transforming every facet of your enterprise’s lending operations.

Evolves with your organization.

Blend is built on robust, scalable infrastructure that handles data volume and velocity of any loan portfolio. As your organization grows and its loan portfolio expands and evolves, so does Blend.

Through its API and series of endpoints, Blend can be extended by any customer or third-party developer to meet the dynamic workflow needs of any lending organization.

Airtight security.

Borrower data is sacred. That’s why Blend built bank-grade security directly into the platform, ensuring the safety and integrity of all data throughout the loan lifecycle and beyond.

Blend automatically encrypts data at all levels during transfer and storage using AES-128, the same system as the most respected banks in the world. Blend undergoes constant quality checks, including the financial industry ISO 27001 security certification, SOC1 Type 2, vulnerability scanning, and continuous custom tests completed by our in-house team of security experts.

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