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Blend knows technology. We evaluate a wide range of digital service providers and choose the ones we trust will deliver value to our customers.


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Trade routine tasks for high-value service. Our integrations enable streamlined workflows so your staff can delight customers and capture long-term business.


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Instead of managing relationships with numerous point solutions, lean on us to modernize your lending and banking processes.


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Connect your existing tech to Blend’s flexible, open-stack solution.

Partners and integrations


Alloy automates your onboarding to reduce manual decisions, from KYC checks to fraud prevention.


Avantus provides customized mortgage credit reports, mortgage-related services and technology solutions.

Black Knight – Empower

Black Knight’s Empower is a dynamic LOS that originates mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit.

Byte Software – Byte

Byte Software’s LOS provides mortgage lenders with powerful features to simplify loan challenges.

Calyx Software – Point

Calyx Software’s Point Loan Origination System covers the origination process from application to closing.


ClosingCorp optimizes closing processes and services for mortgage lenders as well as title and settlement.

CoreLogic Credco

CoreLogic Credco is a consumer reporting agency that provides merged and specialized credit reports.

Covius – Funding Suite

Funding Suite manages purchasing, analysis, and cost accounting for credit reports and more.

Credit Interlink

Credit Interlink offers valuation and credit platform solutions for mortgage related industries.


Docutech provides a dynamic loan document generation engine, eSign, and eClose capabilities.

Equifax (Credit)

Equifax is one of the three main American consumer credit reporting agencies.

Experian (Credit Bureau)

Experian is one of the three main American consumer credit reporting agencies.

Experian Precise ID

Pricise ID offers an integrated set of solutions to help mitigate fraud risk.


Factual Data provides credit reporting, risk mitigation, flood zone determinations, and data verification.

Finastra – MortgageBot LOS

MortgageBot LOS is the Loan Origination System provided by Finastra.


Finicity provides income verification, financial data, and account verification for faster credit decisioning.


Flueid is an independent tech company using data to fuel decisions and streamline real estate transactions.

Google Maps (via AppGeo)

AppGeo provides the most current spatial data with Google Maps for address autocomplete.

ICE Mortgage, formerly Ellie Mae

Ice Mortgage solutions enable lenders to originate more loans, lower origination costs, and reduce the time to close, all while ensuring the highest levels of compliance, quality and efficiency.

Informative Research

Informative Research offers mortgage tech solutions for the entire mortgage loan cycle.

J.D. Power

J.D. Power provides studies for various financial services customer satisfaction and experience.


Jungo is the mortgage app for Salesforce, providing marketing, co-marketing, compliance, and CRM solutions.

Lender Price

Lender Price provides cloud-native pricing technology, automated underwriting and insightful analytics to help lenders reduce operational costs and enhance productivity.


MeridianLink offers an enterprise-level account opening and loan origination platform.

MeridianLink Mortgage

Lending QB is the Loan Origination System provided by MeridianLink.


MorTech provides a mortgage pricing engine, online mortgage quoting, lock desk, and automated underwriting.

Optimal Blue

Optimal Blue is a mortgage automation platform that helps automate pipeline management.


Plaid enables applications to connect with users' bank accounts to streamline the consumer experience.


Polly's cloud-native solutions enable lenders to automate and optimize the entire mortgage capital markets value chain.


Salesforce is a CRM that can help unify marketing, sales, services, and IT teams.

Top of Mind Surefire

Top of Mind Surefire is a mortgage focused CRM software solution.

Total Expert

Total Expert is a customer engagement platform built for financial services.

TransUnion (Credit Bureau)

TransUnion is one of the three main American consumer credit reporting agencies.


TrueCar is an automotive pricing and information website for new and used car buyers and dealers.


Usherpa is a CRM for loan officers and realtors.


Velocify is a sales software to help accelerate sales lead management.

Vertech Mortgage 365

Vertech Mortgage 365 is a Mortgage focused cloud-based CRM built on Microsoft technologies.

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer offers eSigning software solutions and services for the compliance and regulatory sectors.


Credit Plus offers mortgage verification services to residential mortgage lenders.

“When we roll out new technology, we want it to evolve with our needs. In Blend, we’ve found a long-term partnership that goes beyond a piece of software.”

Bobby Nicely

President, ALCOVA Mortgage

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