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Deposit Accounts

Deposit origination with purpose

Account onboarding focused first on helping people.

Focus on outcomes, not data input

Empower bankers to be trusted advisors, and simplify the path for consumers to self-serve their way to better financial outcomes.

Omnichannel experiences

Serve customers across origination channels with a unified platform that synchronizes across all service and product delivery touchpoints.

Optimize account conversion

Flexible data-powered identity, verification, and decisioning integrations reduce manual reviews to drive application conversion.


Personalized, in-the-moment offers capture share of wallet on day one of account opening, and help customers make the best use of their money.

Accelerated onboarding

Consumers and bankers can leverage shopping cart experiences and product bundles to originate multiple products in a single session—creating space for meaningful financial conversations.

Product screen of application approval overlaid with mobile view of account setup
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Blue rectangular card that features mobile product screen of savings account set-up
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Help people work together, productively

Better banking starts with better onboarding. Better onboarding starts with Blend.

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Existing Customer Lookup

Personalized workflows tailored to each customer’s unique relationship status demonstrate that you value them more than just an account number.

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End-to-end in a single session

Complete your application with ease with digital signatures, account funding, and post-application submit workflows that usher in active and utilized accounts.

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Ready to deploy, out-of-the-box workflows and onboarding journeys with pre-built integrations and a partnership ecosystem accelerate time to market.

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Always-on optimization

Reporting Barista puts actionable data and insights at your fingertips. Blend Builder Platform enables optimization and configuration with rapid speed to value.

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Security and compliance

Enterprise-grade security and compliance sets trust as the basis for all new banking relationships.

“Now we go to Blend for everything and it doesn’t matter if it’s a deposit account or mortgage application. If we have a question or need support, it’s one resource.”

John Dunlop

Digital Product Manager, Landmark Credit Union

7 minutes

to open Deposit Accounts vs. 11 days


manual hours saved

<1 hour

to complete mortgage applications vs. 2 weeks

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“We’ve already seen how the flexible platform enabled product configuration, and the next natural step was to push the limits of that flexibility.”

Nick Iervolino

VP Senior Channel Delivery Manager, BOK Financial


of the cost of an in-house build


of small business checking and savings volume for the bank


accounts created from new customers

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