Making digital an end-to-end experience, simply

Offer digital continuity for borrowers, settlement agents, and loan teams with a single solution for the entire closing stack.

Adopt a customer-first approach to closing

Adopt a customer-first approach to closing

Provide flexibility

Allow borrowers to review and sign closing documents remotely, with the option for loan officers to follow along and provide guidance in real time.

Offer transparent choice

Evaluate signing options after receiving RON eligibility information at the time of application.

Keep borrowers in one portal from application to close

Create an end-to-end experience by offering a remote signing room integrated into the borrower app.

Accelerate closing and post-closing operations

Accelerate closing and post-closing operations

Reduce closing cycle time

Automate data syncing and document preparation through integrations with your LOS.

Limit post-closing errors and compress secondary sales cycles

Leverage automation to minimize signing errors and missing documents, signatures, or dates.

Communicate directly with settlement agents

Quickly and securely send documents to the settlement agent with centralized communication.

Maintain accuracy

Minimize post-close audit requirements with direct integrations with the loan origination system and eVault.

Ensure smooth communication with Settlement Agent Workspace

Ensure smooth communication with Settlement Agent Workspace

Make settlement agent onboarding easy

Give settlement agents a solution built for their workflow: quick access, intuitive, and simple.

Provide one home for settlement agents

Arm agents with an at-a-glance view of upcoming closings and the ability to review closing instructions for all Blend Close lenders all in one place.

Improve document management

Enable agents to receive and upload closing documents and see the status of eSignings.

Reach success rapidly

Reach success rapidly

Deploy quickly

Begin digital closings with a speedy implementation.

Depend on Blend

Lean on our comprehensive implementation plan that includes the proven resources needed for success.

Learn from the experts

Holistic support spans deployment and beyond, including live and recorded training, a help center, and a dedicated phone line.

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