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Blend Co-Pilot

A white-glove experience for consumers

Blend is designed to offer a seamless customer experience across all channels, whether it’s online, in the office, or on the phone. With Co-Pilot, we’ve created an entirely new channel experience to help loan officers exceed expectations.

Stay in sync with your customers

Co-Pilot lets you see exactly what the applicant sees. Is someone having trouble part-way through their application? Your loan officer can step in remotely to provide help in real time.

Whether the consumer needs a hand completing an application or uploading the right documents, Co-Pilot gives loan officers additional clarity with a 1:1 visual match of the application experience.

Differentiate your business

Our digital lending platform is designed to help consumers work with you wherever they are, however they want. With Blend, consumers get more than a link to an application, they have access to trusted advisors as needed. Consumers get peace of mind that they’re doing things the right way, and you get deeper engagement and loyalty. Up to 89% of applicants who start in Blend, submit.

Blend Co Pilot

What lenders have to say

      • “I love Co-Pilot. When I talk to customers, I don’t want them to ever feel like I’m abandoning them. I tell them, “Hey, go on and fill that application out. If you have any issues whatsoever, don’t understand something, or don’t know what to do, I can hop in and look at it with you by co-piloting.” — Chris Kerr, Manager and Originator at Elements Financial in Indiana
      • “The number one feature that resonated with our loan officers in particular was the Co-Pilot feature. In real time, a loan officer can log in and see what the borrowers can see, assisting them with any questions or issues they may be having.” — Joe Lamberti, Vice President and Sales Manager at Blue Hills Bank in Massachusetts

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