Blend gets results

  • Up to 89%

    Percentage of borrowers that submit applications started in Blend

  • Up to 67%

    Year-over-year volume increase reported by loan teams

  • Up to 7 days

    Total time trimmed from average loan cycle

Mortgage interaction interface

Customer acquisition

  • Personalized customer experience
    Offer easy single sign-on (SSO) authentication and applications pre-filled with existing banking information on any digital device.
  • CRM referrals
    Acquire new customers with marketing efforts that convert at higher rates. Send automated, pre-filled Blend invitations straight from your preferred CRM.
  • Loan Officer Mobile App
    Enable loan officers to capture and qualify leads in the moment of intent and get borrowers started with an application immediately — any time anywhere.
Mortgage pre-approval interfaces

Application and approval

  • Self-serve Pre-approval
    Increase funding rates by delivering a low-touch, guided initial application and approval decision. Build customer confidence and reduce the likelihood of comparison shopping.
  • Lender Pre-approval Builder
    Quickly capture in-person or phone applications, run credit, select product and pricing, pull fees to estimate closing costs, run AUS, and generate pre-approval letters — all within Blend.
  • Lender Co-pilot
    Provide real-time assistance at any point during the application process. No matter where the applicant or loan officer may be, helpful guidance is available.
Mortgage bank account import interface

Data verification

  • Data connectivity
    Allow borrowers to connect directly to their asset, payroll, and tax accounts. Connected assets are automatically eligible for both Fannie Mae D1C and Freddie Mac AIM.
  • Investor-accepted asset statements
    Eliminate tedious bank statement requests. Blend Generated Asset Statements are accepted by GSEs in lieu of account statements on Conventional, VA, and FHA loans.
  • Income & employment verification
    Reduce manual downstream work. Automatically initiate income and employment verification via The Work Number by Equifax® at the time an application is completed.
Borrower and loan officer product interfaces

Conditions and document collection

  • Loan Hub
    Provide visibility into loan status and outstanding tasks. Applicants can complete conditions by connecting financial accounts, mobile document upload, and e-sign tools.
  • Automated conditions
    Analyze borrower data and documents to automatically detect issues and surface them at the time of application, reducing the number of processing and underwriting touches needed.
  • Lender Follow-ups
    Enhance team collaboration and borrower communication with a single dashboard for loan teams. Create custom and templated needs lists while managing all borrower requests.
Mortgage insurance interface


  • Home Insurance
    Expedite time-to-close with a guided home insurance workflow. Help borrowers provide evidence of insurance, or if needed, enable them to shop for and buy a policy directly within Blend.
  • Disclosures
    Easily capture electronic consent and digitally manage both initial and closing disclosures. Includes e-sign, compliance tracking, and integrations with LOS and document generation providers.
  • Blend Close
    Extend your customers’ digital mortgage experience through close with a turnkey solution for all closing types: remote online notarization, hybrid, and wet-sign.
LOS and CRM integration selection screen

Integrations and APIs

  • LOS
    Collect and transfer loan information, automate verifications, and deliver disclosures, all with minimal friction to your customers and supporting teams.
  • CRM
    Capture leads, recapture abandoned apps, and provide a seamless path from lead to loan. Take advantage of automated pre-filled invites and two-way data sync between systems.
  • Blend APIs
    Create a holistic experience using Blend’s public APIs. Build powerful custom integrations that connect disparate systems and data sources.
Illustration of the Blend reporting dashboard


  • Reporting Dashboard
    Use interactive tools to access your Blend data and consumer insights. Quickly view key metrics about application activity and generate flexible reports.
  • Pre-built reports
    Engage with interactive data visualizations and display metrics that can be filtered by custom date ranges and loan types. Quickly download structured reports for detailed analysis.
  • Reporting API
    Customize data for your needs. Easily sync data from Blend to existing business intelligence tools or other internal systems for full control.