The digital mortgage, upgraded

Streamline the end-to-end digital mortgage process with an intuitive application for borrowers and a dedicated workspace with data-driven workflows for loan teams.

Capture the attention of leads when it matters most

Capture the attention of leads when it matters most

Loan officer landing page

Increase website interest and leads through landing pages that promote the LO, and give borrowers a frictionless way to start applications online.

Rate shopping

Enable prospective borrowers to view the latest available rates before starting a full application.

Loan scenarios

Structure multiple loan scenarios to educate borrowers on financing options. After pre-approval, help borrowers explore possible loan scenario adjustments.

Self-serve pre-approval

Convert more leads to funded loans by delivering value to consumers with an instant pre-approval and customizable pre-approval letter.

Enable trusted advisors

Enable trusted advisors

Application intake

Deliver support across channels with a flexible application intake. Borrowers can choose to self-serve or loan officers can take applications over the phone, fill in key details, then send to the borrower for completion. Send SMS notifications to keep them on track and increase pull-through.


Provide remote, real-time assistance at any point during the application process. Make helpful guidance available from anywhere.

LO Toolkit

Run credit, select product and pricing, run AUS, generate a pre-approval letter, and share estimated closing costs — all in one convenient workspace.

Blend Loan Officer mobile app

Help LOs capture and qualify leads at the moment of intent, getting borrowers started with an application anytime, anywhere.

Maximize operational efficiency

Maximize operational efficiency

Asset verification

Allow borrowers to connect to their bank accounts and create a Generated Asset Statement, which can be used to verify assets. Connected assets are automatically considered for both Fannie Mae D1C and Freddie Mac AIM. Assets can be refreshed before close.

Income and employment verification

Make the lender process faster and more efficient with Blend Income. Provide borrowers a simplified application experience and reduce downstream work by automatically initiating income and employment verification.

Automated conditions and workflows

Reduce processing and underwriting touches by analyzing borrower-provided data to automatically detect issues and surface them upon application submission.

Differentiate your digital mortgage with an integrated market for homeownership services providers

Differentiate your digital mortgage with an integrated market for homeownership services providers

Real estate agent matching

Match consumers with top local real estate agents who can provide guidance throughout the purchase process.

Homeowners Insurance

Enable consumers to browse for a new insurance policy or provide an existing policy to complete their homeowners insurance requirement, saving loan teams time and reducing the risk of closing delays.


Automate title search commitment upon loan application submission, digitally reconcile settlement fees in real-time, and streamline communication between lenders, settlement teams, and consumers.

Easily integrate with existing technology

Easily integrate with existing technology


Seamlessly collect and transfer loan information, automate verifications, and deliver disclosures.


Utilize automated, pre-filled invites and two-way data sync to capture leads, recapture abandoned apps, and provide a clear path from lead to loan.

Loan structuring

Access pre-built integrations to leading credit providers, product and pricing engines, fee providers, and Desktop Underwriter® and Loan Product Advisor®. Unite your systems into one cohesive experience for loan team efficiency.

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