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May 4, 2022 in Challenges and solutions

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The benefits of integrating your mortgage CRM system with a cloud-based platform

Your team can better manage leads, follow up with customers faster, and deliver more personalized messages.

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A mortgage CRM system is a powerful way to manage customer data and relationships. By tracking customer interactions and automating common sales and marketing tasks, a CRM can help your team build stronger relationships and act upon marketing insights that would be challenging without it.

Marketing insights you can act upon.

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But customer relationship management strategies cannot be successful with technology alone — the true benefits come from optimized lead management activity. In other words, relationship management is only valuable when it actually builds and nurtures relationships.

Traditionally, this involves a lot of manual work: from analyzing customer pipelines to working out who might need a helping hand to the outreach itself. This can be challenging for lenders who use lead management software for mortgages as part of their mortgage CRM system but without an integration to their POS. It’s a bit like peering into the dark. The lack of interconnection can make lead management more difficult, since it is harder to maintain visibility into important customer data across the entire loan application process.

Integrating a cloud-based platform with your CRM can transform it into an even more powerful hybrid system — allowing loan teams to track and streamline the entire customer journey from application to close in one central location.

Benefits of integrating your CRM with cloud-based tools

Managing leads, encouraging conversion, and facilitating the resulting mortgage application process is a complicated business. It involves extensive consumer data collection, credit checks, documentation, and regulatory requirements — all of which need ongoing tracking, verification, and follow-up.

A key problem is that lenders often have lead management software for mortgages along with multiple systems for initiating, tracking, and processing loan applications, which can result in siloed data and processes. Integrating your mortgage CRM system with a cloud-based platform brings these systems together, streamlining the multiple steps in a loan application. This can speed up time to approval, as the platform pulls together all of a borrower’s credit, asset, and employment information. Lenders can also offer borrowers instant pre-approval, which helps differentiate their offerings in a crowded space.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of combining cloud-based tools with your mortgage CRM system:

  • Sales teams can follow up with consumers faster and focus on the right action at the right time. If a borrower has applied but hasn’t completed the next step, an integrated system drives the process forward. For example, the system can prompt the borrower for the next document or signature.
  • A cloud-based platform together with a mortgage CRM system allows loan teams to deliver personalized marketing messages. Through automated scripts, it can automatically deliver the appropriate message in the sales funnel, whether it’s email or remarketing ads. The system can also automatically identify additional applicable product opportunities to help boost retention and sales.

Differentiate your mortgage CRM system by integrating with Blend

By partnering with Blend, lenders have access to powerful workflows that help them aggregate everything into one place to speed up the lending process. Instead of maintaining separate data silos for tracking a customer’s progress, integrating Blend’s cloud-based platform with lead management software for mortgage as part of your CRM provides a clear view of the customer no matter which system they exist in.

Whether for a mortgage, a refinance, or a home equity loan, pairing a mortgage CRM with Blend gives lenders a single, unified portfolio across channels. This eliminates the extra work of having to log into multiple systems to access different views of the customer. It’s all in one place.

Blend’s flexible approach to integration was built with partnership in mind. We work with our partners to find the right path toward providing an end-to-end digital lending experience. We unify systems for records and data providers, offering best-in-class services and integrations for CRM, credit, eSign, LOS, identity, pricing, fees, marketing, and more.

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