Keep borrowers in your funnel

Maximize conversion top of funnel where dropoff is highest, and prevent the sale of consumer data until later in the application.





Turn smart investments into increased margins

Hard inquiries can cost lenders up to 10x more than soft pulls. Spend less on applications until they are more likely to close and offset costs with revenue.





Give borrowers an easy way to pre-qualify

Soft inquiries remove friction to early eligibility information, safeguard borrower credit scores, and prevent the sale of consumer data until later in the application.



For loan officers

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    Simplify pre-qualifications

    Convert more loans and defend your customer base from competitive solicitation.

  • Cut costs

    Don’t pay for hard inquiries on loans that are less likely to close. Maximize profit through soft inquiries until borrowers are ready to commit.

  • Prioritize borrowers

    Quickly equip borrowers with the information they need to make purchasing decisions — all while protecting their credit scores and personal data.

For borrowers

  • Safeguard borrower credit

    Give borrowers peace of mind to start an application with you. Soft inquiries have no negative credit impact while borrowers shop for a loan.

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    Serve borrowers faster

    Soft credit checks surface important data quicker than ever so borrowers can make informed decisions.

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    Let them shop on their terms

    Protect customers from being hounded with sales calls after a hard credit pull.