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Superpowering LOs with Blend’s new Pre-approval Builder

In today’s hyper-competitive mortgage market, the key to building and retaining business is serving customers through their preferred channels. Successful loan officers need to work quickly and efficiently while providing superior customer service.

Blend’s new Pre-approval Builder offers LOs one intuitive interface from which they can seamlessly guide a borrower toward a mortgage pre-approval. The experience is simple. In a single toolbar, LOs have access to tools that make it easy to know what’s next on their to-do list.

Pre-approval Builder’s exciting features include:

  • Pulling credit and reviewing liabilities and monthly expenses to calculate DTI in real time
  • Viewing relevant products and rates through direct integration with pricing engines
  • Estimating closing costs with direct integration to fee sources
  • Running scenarios through AUS to determine eligibility
  • Generating and sending a pre-approval letter to the borrower and/or real estate agent

Empowering LOs to serve customers through any channel

Historically, LOs have used disparate tools and worked in systems separate from those used by applicants, which has created a disjointed experience. Now, LOs can work in the same system as consumers, guiding them through the entire process as part of a customer-centric, omnichannel experience. Consumers can start and complete an application using their mobile device or desktop computer, as well as in person or over the phone with their loan officer, and get pre-approved in minutes.

Blend’s Self-serve Pre-approval workflow, combined with Pre-approval Builder, are the building blocks of our One-tap Pre-Approval for Mortgage, a vision for delivering the simplest mortgage approval ever.

Blend’s Pre-approval Builder tools are easy to use, providing me instant access to the information I need. I’m now able to get members pre-approved in minutes rather than days.
Loan Officer Navy Federal Credit Union

Reducing errors with real-time insights

LOs have a long checklist of tasks to complete to get a loan ready for submission through their Automated Underwriting System. With Pre-approval Builder, LOs are guided through each task and alerted to missing or incorrect information, eliminating potential errors.

For example, we automatically calculate DTI and surface which liabilities are included or excluded from the calculation. When a loan officer is at the point of running AUS, we identify missing data and provide guidance about what actions need to be completed to generate a valid result.

Pre-approval Builder superpowers the loan officer

Loan officers work on the front lines of a lender’s business and are the face of its brand. Our mission is to equip them with the best digital tools so they can provide the highest level of customer service.

With Pre-approval Builder, LOs can leverage a guided application workflow that culminates in an immediate result for the applicant, providing a competitive advantage over other lenders.

We have more tools on the way and are excited to continue our mission of superpowering the loan officer.

Our mortgage loan officers are able to get members pre-approved in a fraction of the time as before. This has given them more time to serve members as a trusted advisor and less time on the mundane work behind the scenes.
Randy Hopper Senior VP of Mortgage Lending, Navy Federal Credit Union

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