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Announcing Blend Reporting for next-level loan data insights

Informed strategies are built on strong insights. Lenders who can translate raw information into actionable next steps are best positioned to thrive in any market conditions. To put stronger insights in the palm of your hand, we are happy to announce Blend Reporting. Blend’s new suite of loan data analytics tools includes the Reporting Dashboard, Interactive and Generated Reports, and the Reporting API.

With today’s mortgage rates driving unprecedented volumes amid increased global uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to move quickly yet intelligently. Understanding process bottlenecks and ensuring loan teams are operating effectively can make or break a lender’s success in these trying times.

Start putting analytics to work — no data scientist required.

Reporting Dashboard

What can you expect with Blend’s loan data reporting tools?

The tools within Blend Reporting filter detailed, well-structured data into the actionable chunks your team needs. Enable your teams to continually measure, iterate on, and improve internal processes with a clear focus on how they serve the needs of your lifelong customers.

Blend Reporting features four primary analytics tools

Time spent digging around for data is time wasted. Enable your team to focus on gaining insights instead.

Looking for a quick pulse on your lending performance? Interested in observing how key metrics are changing over time? The Reporting Dashboard hub offers high-level insights at a glance. Share 30-day application submit rate data with your team to drive volumes if you spot a dip. Commend your team for actions that cause your NPS scores to trend upward. No matter how your team is performing, you’ll have access to the tangible data you need to encourage the agility that underpins success.

Looking to track trends over time? With Interactive Reports, you can answer essential business questions about loan production or team adoption with pre-built data visualizations composed of a variety of metrics.

Interactive Reports

Looking for a finer-tuned analysis? Dreaming of dazzling at the board meeting? The Generated Reports feature allows you and your team to download customizable reports formatted with the tailored information you need to inform core strategies.

Generated Reports

For teams who want deeper customization, augment your outputs with our Reporting API, which enables your team to securely import Blend data into your business intelligence tool of choice. Feel equipped to tell data stories at multiple altitudes as you elevate the digital mortgage conversation across your organization.

No matter which tools work best for you, rest assured that the system is designed to maximize privacy. Only approved users can access this user-level data.

Lending reports help tell the data stories that matter to you

Building on insights gleaned from our numerous lender partners, we have compiled a core set of reports that have proven useful in driving business success. Use these building blocks to construct the narrative you need to get organizational buy-in and encourage positive change across your teams:

  • NPS: View individual borrower NPS scores and comments. As a customer-driven organization, this set of data is foundational to your long-term success. Look here for ways to emphasize delight in your increasingly digital loan offering.
  • Borrower processes: View funnel conversion rates to understand where borrowers drop off in the loan workflow. Identify and improve weak points across the customer journey to ensure a fantastic experience from hello to close.
  • Application list: Understand application sources and compare performance across channels. Maximize your marketing ROI by pinpointing the mechanisms that are driving your highest quality applications.
  • Data verification usage: Gain insight into how the asset verification feature is being used by borrowers. Empower your teams to educate consumers about the tools at their disposal that make lending frustrations a thing of the past.

These use cases are just a starting point. We’ve designed our system to ensure the loan data we highlight can be integrated into the unique stories you need to tell to be successful. In addition, we continually communicate with our lending partners to identify additional key data sets. We are always looking for feedback on the metrics you crave.

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