Chief Digital Officer

Make digital self-serve your calling card

Digitize manual processes to provide a streamlined experience customers can rely on for all consumer banking products. Solidify loyalty, build trust, and be there for every financial milestone.

Establish “returning customer” as the new standard

One platform that serves all customer needs. Wow with personalized offers and consistent customer experiences presented at the right moments.

Allow customers to seamlessly switch between channels, receiving the modern experience they expect in each interaction.

Minimize friction, maximize personalization

Remind consumers that banking doesn’t need to be a hassle. Free your customers of tedious tasks such as manual document upload and in-branch document signing.

Provide a self-serve experience for those who need minimal guidance, and enable your staff to provide a high-touch experience for those looking for more support.

Convert customers with a fast and easy experience

Acquire more customers with smooth application processes across products and channels with Blend’s intuitive interface.

Some customers have seen up to an 85% submission rate for personal loans and over 80% submission rate for auto loans. Are you ready to reduce dropoff?

Modern digital experiences, easy implementation

Meet rising consumer expectations with our expansive suite of out-of-the-box offerings, built on our flexible platform.

One platform for every product

Deliver high-converting journeys that impress from application to close.

Replace documents with data

Blend enables consumers to leverage direct data connectivity to their asset, tax, and payroll accounts for a streamlined application experience.

Faster time to market

Blend’s out-of-the-box products, built on our flexible platform, enable you to accelerate your digital initiatives.

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