Blend gets results

  • 8 minutes

    Borrowers can complete an application in as little as 8 minutes.

  • Up to 20

    Calendar days shaved off home equity loan cycles

  • Up to 11%

    Year-over-year volume increase for home equity products

Customer acquisition

  • Personalized consumer experience
    Personalize the experience for existing customers. Offer easy SSO authentication and applications pre-filled with existing banking information
  • CRM referrals
    Acquire new customers with marketing efforts that convert at higher rates. Send automated, pre-filled Blend invitations straight from your preferred CRM.

Application intake

  • Flexible application templates
    Configure HELOC and HELOAN applications according to your unique requirements. Collect only the desired details with flexible data collection templates for assets, income, and other consumer information.
  • Lender Co-pilot
    Give them a hand. Provide real-time assistance to borrowers at any point during the application process with Lender Co-Pilot.
  • Tailored application intake experience
    Customize your application intake experiences. Offer a streamlined application intake process for experienced loan officers. Provide in-branch and call center staff with all the guidance and scripting needed.

Data verification

  • In-app connectivity
    Allow borrowers to connect directly to their asset, payroll, and tax accounts through a simple and trustworthy experience.
  • Income and employment verification
    Reduce manual downstream work. Automatically undertake income and employment verification via The Work Number by Equifax® at the time an application is completed.
  • Single or tri-bureau credit pull
    Configure credit pulls through our integration partners to meet your needs. Provide the appropriate depth of data needed for each application type.

Conditions and documentation collection

  • Loan Hub
    Improve the customer experience with a portal that gives visibility into loan status and outstanding tasks. Applicants can complete conditions with payroll and tax connectivity, mobile document upload, and e-sign tools.
  • Automated conditions
    Analyze borrower data and documents in real time to automatically detect issues and surface them at the time of application to reduce the number of processing and underwriting touches needed per file.
  • Lender Follow-ups
    Enhance intra-team collaboration and borrower communication with a single dashboard for team members. Create custom and templated needs lists and manage all borrower requests.


  • Disclosures
    Streamline your operations. Easily capture electronic consent and digitally manage the CFPB HELOC disclosure booklet and closing disclosures. The closing disclosure experience includes e-sign, compliance tracking, integrations with LOS and document generation providers.


  • CRM integration
    Increase application conversion with a seamless integration and two-way data sync between the CRM and Blend.
  • LOS integration
    Free up your technical teams and speed up time-to-deployment. Out-of-the-box integrations with key LOS systems and robust public APIs enable powerful custom integrations