• 5 days

    Blend loans close 5 days faster than non-Blend loans

  • 9/10

    Average customer satisfaction

  • 44 minutes

    Median application completion time

The mortgage industry has changed. There’s no question that to stay competitive and keep origination costs down, lenders need to adopt the right technology.

As a collective of boutique, family-run mortgage companies known for providing exceptional client experience at super speed, LendUS® does just that.

But despite decades of success building digital tools in-house, the LendUS® team realized the pace of innovation in technology was outpacing them. They started to look for a digital partner who could help them continue to provide the level of service for which they’re known; they found the perfect product- and team-fit in Blend.

With Home On Time®, their branded Blend application, LendUS®’s loan advisors have been able to consistently close home loans a full 5 days faster while still providing the level of exceptional service for which they’re known.

LendUS® selected Blend to help them keep up with the pace of innovation and deliver a first-class experience to borrowers
Clients trust us to get them home on time and Blend helps us do that.
John Assily
John Assily Senior Loan Advisor

Leading the market with on-time closings

Today, many LendUS® loan advisors are able to close loans in as little as 15 days with Blend. Those impressive close times have helped them stay competitive in a tightening market, made their clients happy, and kept the company’s origination costs down.

“The close times we can achieve make us truly unique,” explains John Assily, a senior loan advisor. “We work extremely hard so we can get clients into the homes of their dreams in the amount of time they have. If someone needs a 21-day close, we close in 21 days; if they need to close in 15 days, we close in 15 days, but, to do that, we absolutely have to start their application in Blend. The only way for us to close a loan that quickly is to use Blend.”

For LendUS®, maintaining their outstanding reputation means they are always striving to exceed client expectations and become ever more efficient.

“Even though our close times are great compared to the market, we’re still pushing to close in 10 days,” explains CIO Scott Weeks. “With the combination of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty® program and hopefully appraisal waivers where they’re available, we’re hopeful we can get to a consistent 10-day close soon.”

At the branch level, harmonized systems have allowed managers to unlock new levels of efficiency while delivering an even better, faster experience for clients, explains Sweet. “Blend has allowed me to manage my team more easily because everyone uses the same system and can now work together better.”

Two people walking down stairs in an office
The LendUS® team is dedicated to using innovative technology to achieve their clients’ goals
Blend has helped us close loans a full 5 days faster.
Scott Weeks
Scott Weeks

Keeping a promise of world class service with best-in-class technology

“More than our speed to close, borrowers love us because their first experience with the application process is intuitive and elegant,” says Sweet.

“We strive to provide a mortgage experience that’s straightforward and simple from beginning to end, so we feel extremely confident every time we send a link to Blend because the application experience is on brand with who we are as a company,” says Assily.

That commitment to demystifying the mortgage process has bolstered their reputation as a trustworthy, boutique lender that truly cares about client experience and has helped propel their growth.

Two men talking on a couch in an office
LendUS® prides itself on world-class service and super speed
We feel extremely confident every time we send a link to Blend because the application experience is on brand with who we are as a company.
Stew Sweet
Stew Sweet Branch Manager

Staying competitive as the future unfolds

Looking forward, the LendUS® team feels confident about their future because of their strategy for adapting to — and keeping pace with — a digital world. Their technology investments with the right partners are a major part of that.

“From my work directly interfacing with clients and my experience managing teams of loan advisors, I can confidently say that technology like Blend has become a requirement for doing business in today’s market,” says Sweet. “There’s no question in my mind: I don’t think we could consistently deliver the level of service and speed of service that we do today without Blend.”

To learn more about how Blend can transform your originations business, visit our product page.