• <2 months

    Successfully rolled out to all branches in less than two months

  • 8.4/10 avg. CSAT

    Achieved a customer satisfaction rating well above industry standards

  • Multi-product

    Servicing both mortgage and HELOC lines with Blend

Elevating a legacy of customer service

Camden National Bank was built on the personalized customer service and care that you’d expect from a community bank. Its mission and differentiated customer focus, coupled with strategic technological investments, have allowed it to adapt continuously and grow into one of the most successful, long-standing community banks in the Northeast over the last 140 years.

In 2016 Camden National Bank’s mortgage lending team, led by Stephen Sessler, Senior Vice President and Director of Mortgage Banking, recognized that their customers’ expectations and needs were drastically changing, especially given the success of their online and mobile banking platforms. “We saw a unique opportunity to improve and simplify the home buying experience and set Camden National Bank apart from other lenders,” said Sessler.

To stay ahead of the curve and stand out in their local markets, Camden National Bank chose to partner with Blend, which was building technology aimed at putting the mortgage customer first with an end-to-end digital and mobile-first platform.

With the help of Blend’s customer success team, Camden rolled out a digital mortgage platform in under two months.
Blend’s strategic product roadmap combined with its vibrant and intuitive design gave it a real edge during our selection process.
Stephen Sessler
Stephen Sessler Senior Vice President and Director of Mortgage Banking

Delivering impressive results quickly

As a nimble community bank with a faster go-to-market approach, Camden National Bank sought a vendor that could seamlessly integrate with its LOS, Encompass®, with minimal additional resources from its IT staff. Their goal was to get Blend implemented, rolled out, and into the hands of its loan officers and customers quickly, giving them the best and most intuitive digital mortgage experience on the market.

“Blend’s partnership with Ellie Mae® was a huge benefit to us,” said Andrew Fortin-Trimble, Camden National Bank’s digital marketing manager. “Their Encompass integration enabled us to roll out a digital experience quickly and efficiently.”

Thanks to Blend’s experienced Customer Success team, the new platform was ready in under two months. Simultaneously, Camden National Bank developed the branding of their new platform: MortgageTouch™, which communicated ease, speed, and personal service delivered through this digital platform.

MortgageTouchTM, powered by Blend’s secure, user-friendly technology, complements the personalized service of our mortgage specialists to make home buying simpler and more enjoyable for both customers and lenders.
Greg Dufour
Greg Dufour President and CEO

Reimagining the customer experience

In its first nine months since launching MortgageTouch, Camden National Bank saw immediate adoption and success.

Blend’s platform enables customers to go through a mortgage application in as little as 10 minutes. Since introducing MortgageTouch in April 2017, they recorded 30% of digital mortgage activity occurring on a borrower’s mobile phone and over 50% of activity taking place outside of regular working hours. This flexibility has increased borrower satisfaction to an average NPS response of 8.6/10 across all applications completed through Blend, which puts Camden National Bank’s online mortgage experience on par with some of the best consumer technology in the world.

Stephen (left) meets with another loan officer in Camden, Maine.
Blend made it possible for Camden National Bank to launch a new digital consumer lending platform spanning multiple products — something our peers have yet to do.
Andrew Fortin-Trimble
Andrew Fortin-Trimble Digital Marketing Manager

To HELOC and beyond

Immediately impressed by Blend’s impact, Camden National Bank looked to scale MortgageTouch to include HELOC lines. The next phase of development aligned perfectly with Blend’s vision to provide a single unified platform across consumer lending. As a result, Blend developed a fully digital and integrated HELOC line solution, and Camden National Bank was able to offer an even stronger digital lending experience.

Today, Blend supports both mortgages and HELOC lines at Camden National Bank. The single MortgageTouch platform has reduced the time and cost to implement and train employees on new technology, and it provides customers with a consistent, streamlined experience. Going forward, Blend will expand to other consumer products so that lenders like Camden National Bank can deliver a delightful customer experience at scale — no matter their customer’s financial needs and goals.

To learn more on how Blend can transform your originations business, visit our product page.