• Rapid deployment

    Rolled out at ALCOVA Mortgage in under six weeks

  • Early adoption

    115+ originators trained across 49 branches

  • Customer success

    70+ expertly deployed and trained customers

Software built to last

ALCOVA Mortgage began its search for a digital mortgage solution with a long-term vendor relationship in mind, not a one-off sale designed to fix an immediate problem. The lender also knew that any tool it selected would only be as valuable as its employees’ desire to use it.

ALCOVA Mortgage chose Blend to elevate its mortgage experience because of its end-to-end focus on the borrower experience, its hands-on customer success team, and its willingness to seek out and productize customer feedback. To ALCOVA Mortgage President Bobby Nicely, these benefits signaled Blend’s longevity and prowess in a fast-moving space.

Since deploying Blend across 49 of its branches, ALCOVA Mortgage has already seen the benefits of a streamlined application experience. Loan teams are routinely seeing several days cut off their clear-to-close times; some applications are completed as much as ten days faster.

When we roll out new technology, we want it to evolve with our needs. In Blend, we’ve found a long-term partnership that goes beyond a piece of software.
Bobby Nicely
Bobby Nicely President

Activating the sales team

ALCOVA Mortgage and Blend aligned on the value of a sustained engagement with the lender’s sales team from the very beginning. Blend sent a customer success team on-site to ALCOVA Mortgage’s branches in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia within days of kicking off the partnership to promote the platform’s functionality with loan teams and provide hands-on training.

“We’ve worked with companies where questions are met with two-sentence email answers,” said Bobby Nicely, President at ALCOVA Mortgage. “Blend’s commitment to on-site training and soliciting our input has helped loan officers understand how they benefit from using the platform.”

Blend’s lender training is designed not only to help loan officers learn the platform, but also to help drive utilization. Blend recommended that ALCOVA Mortgage share its platform usage data internally to show adoption momentum over several weeks. Socializing usage data helped ALCOVA Mortgage’s sales leaders underscore Blend’s value to employees used to a paper application experience.

Impactful on-site training is essential to platform adoption, but it’s just the starting point of an ongoing partnership anchored by product roadmap updates and timely feature announcements. Sustained engagement, as Blend’s customer success team knows, is the linchpin of introducing new technology.

As a former lender, I know the only way to get people using new technology is by changing their behavior. That’s not something that happens overnight, through a webinar, or from any single training. It takes a hands-on, sustained commitment from their team as well as ours.
Alexandra Mehas
Alexandra Mehas Customer Success Lead, Blend

Building on excitement

Blend has amplified its kickoff momentum with ALCOVA Mortgage by better understanding what its loan teams want to see in the platform going forward. ALCOVA Mortgage loan officers are excited about upcoming innovations, especially the upcoming work around delivering disclosures, allowing them to further streamline the application process and build meaningful, long-term borrower relationships more easily.

Going forward, Blend and ALCOVA will meet regularly to share product roadmap updates, solicit feedback, and ensure loan teams learn how to get the greatest value from the platform. By building on this sustained engagement, Blend and ALCOVA Mortgage are driving an innovative, long-term technology partnership.

The loan process is very personal. Blend lets us build emotional connections with our customers by providing a simple borrower experience, a value our loan teams recognize.
Tony Markland
Tony Markland Loan Officer

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