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Strengthen relationships with a home equity crash course

As we’ve talked about before, consumers are sitting on record-setting levels of home equity — around $6.3 trillion at last count. Although this equity might offer homeowners better rates and potential tax benefits, many home improvement purchases are being financed through credit cards. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to build relationships with your customers by providing a home equity market crash course.

Don’t miss out on this relationship-building opportunity.

Explore our infographic: The untapped potential

Lifelong customer relationships are built on trust. If you position your team as a go-to resource for market insights and product education, customers will seek you out in their times of need — over and over again. Each successfully clarifying interaction you have strengthens brand affinity and drives loyalty.

The untapped potential outlines market conditions affecting home equity, as well as highlighting key factors differentiating home equity versus credit. Utilize this infographic to help educate your customers on:

  • Record home equity values
  • Pros and cons of equity for home improvements
  • Why your home equity solution may be the best tool for their needs

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