Helping our customers thrive in a competitive landscape

At Blend, our customers’ success is our success. As part of an ongoing effort to celebrate lenders’ wins, we recently partnered with MarketWise Advisors to ask our customers how Blend Mortgage has impacted their organization's efficiency and bottom line1. The resulting study, filled with real customer insights, data analysis, and strategic recommendations, uncovered a dramatic effect on ROI — one that we believe will only continue to grow.

Customer Quote

“Blend provides a best in class digital application experience for our customers and has provided increased productivity to our mortgage loan officers. The digital application offers our customers a seamless experience which we can build upon as we continue to adopt the various Blend features.”

Mortgage manager
Top 5 US retail bank

Organizations win big when they partner with Blend

In November and December of 2020, MarketWise Advisors conducted direct interviews and a comprehensive survey involving 67 banks, credit unions, and IMBs. The results were compelling: Blend customers were able to handle elevated loan volumes while simultaneously reaping the benefits of faster cycle times and lower costs. All told, efficiencies gained by using Blend can account for up to a powerful 10.3x potential ROI — a financial impact of $824 per loan.


Efficient loan staff are happy loan staff

Respondents reported that they were able to shave significant amounts of time off of each step in the origination process, thanks to specific Blend features.


Say goodbye to hefty hedge costs

The cost of hedging instruments to offset fluctuating interest rates on loan applications can add up quickly. But with Blend products, customers were able to see, on average, 7.2 days cut from the loan cycle, split between app submission, processing, underwriting, and clear to close.


Meet the revenue increase you’ve always dreamed of

Loan officers and other production staff are also able to produce more loans per month when using Blend while maintaining the same cost to originate. This increased efficiency supports lenders as they look to capitalize on spikes in market demand.


No need to fear fluctuating loan volumes

Some loan volume fluctuations are impossible to predict, such as last year’s refinance boom. During this time, Blend customers amplified their ability to react quickly and efficiently (without scrambling to double their workforce).


What ROI means to Blend

Sinking money into products that don’t provide a healthy ROI can spell doom for any organization. At Blend, we work hard to make sure our customers know we are invested in their success before they even start using our products. We build in-depth ROI conversations into our sales cycles, and lenders get access to a tailored walkthrough that uses their own data to project the potential ROI that they can expect with Blend. In this report, you’ll find more details on how this focus on ROI can help any organization succeed — including yours.

1All data, reports and analytics are provided for informational purposes only. Individual results will vary. Both MarketWise Advisors, LLC and Blend Labs disclaim any liability and provide no warranty or representations as to performance or accuracy of the data.