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Consumer Experience

Putting customers at the center

Help customers reach their financial goals with seamless application experiences.

Conversational interface

Blend’s consumer experience is built for the modern consumer. We worked hard to create an interface that guides customers through the application in clear, easy to understand language. Each step updates automatically based on previous answers, so that applicants only see the questions relevant to them. The result: up to 89% of consumers that start a Blend application, submit it.

Embedded data connections

Blend’s platform connects to consumer data — think bank accounts and payroll providers — to automatically complete parts of the application. This speeds up the application process and minimizes tedious manual data entry. Up to 62% of mortgage consumers choose to connect to financial institutions.

User-centered design

Applicants are going to get confused. That’s just the nature of the process. With Blend, answers to common, simpler questions are built into the process. Loan officers and bankers can instead focus on answering the really tough questions. Blend measures how consumers interact with the application, noting where people get stuck in order to improve the experience and add guidance.

Instant document requests

After the application is complete, Blend instantly surfaces requests for documentation from the consumer. Consumers can easily begin completing tasks and uploading documentation. An average of 55% of loan files have documents uploaded within 2 hours of the loan application being completed, further accelerating the loan cycle.

Omnichannel services

No matter where your team members are meeting consumers and taking applications, be sure they’re putting their best foot forward. Loan teams and bankers can seamlessly start Blend applications over the phone, in person, or send a link to borrowers to complete at home or on their mobile device. More than 50% complete applications after hours and one third do it on a mobile device or tablet. Meet consumers where they are with Blend.

Put your customers first with Blend. Reach out to learn more.