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Blend Verification

Replace documents with data

Get higher quality loan files sooner with Blend Verification

Replace document uploads with connections to financial data sources. Leverage Blend’s partnerships to automate third party verification of identity, income, assets, and employment. Blend Verification empowers data to do the work for your teams, so they can focus on what truly matters: consumers.

Increase funding rates

Blend was designed to win trust from consumers — up to 60% choose to connect directly to their accounts during their initial application. That strong engagement means better leads for your team. One Blend customer reported 20% higher fund rate for consumers that connect to financial institutions.

Streamline verifications

Manual verification requests no longer have to be your team’s biggest time sink. When consumers enter certain information, like employment income, Blend can automatically trigger a request for verification through our integrated partners. With no effort, your teams receive all the documents and data required to confirm an applicant’s eligibility.

Take advantage of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty™ program

As an approved Day 1 Certainty™ vendor, Blend unlocks the ability to automatically verify assets while providing relief from representations and warranties. Blend’s relationships with industry partners pave the way for ongoing advances in digital lending, setting you up to reap the rewards of faster processing.

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