Blend Close product screenshot for the close process

Preparing for closing and scheduling

  • Sync closing details and documents
    Programmatically sync closing details from the LOS and automate the preparation of closing documents for eSigning.
  • Choose closing method
    Enable the borrower to understand their options and choose their preferred closing method.
  • Schedule closing ceremony
    Enable the borrower to easily schedule their preferred closing date.
Blend Close user uploading title documents

Pre-closing review

  • Blend Workspace for Settlement Agents
    Delight settlement agents with a dedicated interface for sending and receiving documents, managing upcoming closing ceremonies, and reviewing instructions.
  • Guided document review
    Educate borrowers ahead of closing by providing an integrated interface that previews closing documents along with contextual help.
  • Loan team Co-pilot
    If additional help is needed, enable loan teams to provide direct support using Blend’s Co-pilot feature.
Blend Close with eNotary to complete the closing ceremony

Closing ceremony

  • Hybrid closing
    Shorten closing appointment times by allowing the borrower to eSign most closing documents before the in-person closing ceremony.
  • Remote online closing
    Enable borrowers to close their loan from anywhere with the ability to meet an eNotary, have their ID verified, and complete the closing ceremony via webcam.
Blend Close document routing for review and archiving


  • Document routing
    Instantly route completed closing documents to lenders, settlement agents, and borrowers for review and archiving.
  • eVault integration
    Decrease delivery time to the secondary market with immediate transfer of the signed eNote to your eVault.