Make in-the-moment offers

Dynamically present cross-sell offers for consumer loans or deposit accounts directly within the application experience. Personalize offers based on application information, FICO score, and tradeline data.

Put cross-sell at bankers’ fingertips

Show bankers and consumers the same relevant product offers so bankers can seamlessly cross-sell in branch and on calls.

Accelerate cross-sell conversion

Enable customers to claim their cross-sell offer for a credit card or deposit account in a few clicks with Blend’s “review and submit” feature. Customers can review previously provided application information in one screen and only fill in new fields.

Cross-sell in action

  • Provide a seamless membership onboarding experience within the flow of a loan application.

  • Enable auto loan applicants to simultaneously open a deposit account to make loan payments easier.

  • Prompt denied unsecured credit card applicants with a pre-approval for a secured credit card.