Application intake

  • Personalized customer experience
    Offer seamless borrower single sign-on (SSO) from any digital device to authenticate and pre-fill existing customer information.
  • Digital self-serve interface
    Effortlessly guide customers through the credit card application process with our best-in-class user experience and responsive design.
  • Blend Workspace for Bankers
    Enable teams to send invites and prioritize applications. Our customizable pipeline view offers quick access to applications that need immediate review.
  • Co-pilot
    Provide real-time assistance to borrowers at any point during the application process.

Data collection and verification

  • Configurable credit card selection
    Make product selection clear and efficient for customers. Highlight rates, benefits, and terms for all of your credit card options, from rewards cards to balance transfer cards.
  • Streamlined information capture
    Minimize customer friction and drop-off with an application optimized for conversion.
  • KYC/AML verifications
    Configure risk rules, tolerances, and outcomes. Blend supports third party identity verification data sources and checks via a single integration point.


  • Real-time decisioning
    Provide consumers with approvals and rates for their selected credit card in a single session.


  • LOS integration
    Free up your technical teams and speed up time to deployment. Out-of-the-box integrations with key LOS systems and robust public APIs enable powerful custom integrations.