Vehicle Loans

Enable end-to-end digital vehicle financing

From application to online shopping, provide a smooth journey for auto and specialty vehicle purchases and refinancing.

Improve pull-through with higher-quality applications

Improve pull-through with higher-quality applications

Vehicle valuation

Quickly underwrite loans with regular, up-to-date vehicle valuations from best-in-class valuation data providers.

Data connectivity

Improve information accuracy by allowing borrowers to connect to their asset, payroll, and tax accounts through a simple and trustworthy experience.

Income and employment verification

Reduce manual downstream work. Automatically undertake income and employment verification when an application is submitted.

Accelerate the application process

Accelerate the application process

Personalized customer experience

Enable borrower single sign-on and applications prefilled with previously provided information, all on any digital device.

License Plate Lookup

Simplify vehicle authentication by using license plate numbers to pull details through an Experian integration.

Automated stipulation requests

Detect and surface issues at the time of application, reducing the number of processing and underwriting touches required.

Facilitate an integrated experience from approval to close

Facilitate an integrated experience from approval to close

Real-time decisioning

Support consumers with pre-approvals and rates in a single session through a harmonious LOS integration.

Car shopping integration

Provide a seamless online shopping experience by connecting your customers to your preferred dealerships or Blend’s integrated car buying options.

Online closing

Allow borrowers to complete the entire vehicle loan application process online by eliminating the need for in-person contract signing.

Guide consumers through smooth digital experiences

Guide consumers through smooth digital experiences

Digital self-serve interface

Lead borrowers through the auto or specialty vehicle loan process with our intuitive user experience and responsive design.

Blend Workspace for Bankers

Deal with roadblocks as they arise. Our customizable pipeline view offers quick access to applications that need immediate review.


Provide real-time assistance to borrowers at any point during the application process.

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