Personal Loans

Rise to the top of a crowded market

Stand out with an automated, digital-first application experience for unsecured and secured personal loans, lines of credit, and overdraft protection lines.

Mobile screen that reads

Faster approval

Faster approval

Real-time decisioning

LOS integration that delivers pre-approvals and rates in a single session.

KYC/AML verifications

Set risk rules, tolerances, and outcomes — supported by most major third-party identity verification data sources — through one integration point.

Online closing

Originate, communicate, and execute with device and channel of choice.

Give borrowers a smoother experience and increase pull-through

Give borrowers a smoother experience and increase pull-through

Easy applications

Pre-fill information for borrowers across all digital devices.

Self-serve verification

Income and employment is automatically verified with the submitted application.

Automated stipulations

Get from processing to underwriting with far fewer touchpoints with automation.

Engage borrowers with a personal touch

Engage borrowers with a personal touch


Run and rerun decisioning throughout the application to create happy paths for prime borrowers, and more detailed data collection for non-prime borrowers.

Omni channel

Break down barriers between digital and in-person origination, and elevate service delivery across channels, from application start through the signing ceremony.

Click to convert

Leverage Blend’s deposit account solution to surface banking products to new customers, prefill data, and easily add additional products in a single session.

Easily lead borrowers every step of the way

Easily lead borrowers every step of the way

Guided experience

Borrowers are gently ushered through the loan process with an intuitive user experience.

Debt consolidation

Surface tradelines from the credit report, capture consolidated balances, and submit accurate loan structures to the decisioning engine or underwriter.

Pipeline view

See which applications that need immediate attention so you can deal with roadblocks as they come up.

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