Personal Loans

Rise to the top of a crowded market

Stand out with an automated, digital-first application experience for unsecured and secured personal loans, lines of credit, and overdraft protection lines.

Approve customers faster

Approve customers faster

Real-time decisioning

Provide consumers with pre-approvals and rates through a seamless LOS integration.

KYC/AML verifications

Configure risk rules, tolerances, and outcomes. Blend supports most major third-party identity verification data sources and checks via a single integration point.

Online closing

Allow borrowers to complete the entire process online by eliminating the need for in-person contract signing.

Improve pull-through with higher-quality applications

Improve pull-through with higher-quality applications

Personalized customer experience

Enable borrower single sign-on and applications prefilled with existing financial information, all on any digital device.

Income and employment verification

Reduce manual downstream work. Automatically undertake income and employment verification when an application is submitted.

Automated stipulation requests

Detect and surface issues at the time of application, reducing the number of processing and underwriting touches required.

Deepen relationships with personalized, contextual experiences

Deepen relationships with personalized, contextual experiences

Digital cross-sell offers

Present an offer for any consumer loan or deposit account directly within the application experience. Personalize offers based on application information, FICO score, and tradeline data.

Omnichannel cross-sell strategy

Show bankers and consumers the same relevant product offers so bankers can seamlessly cross-sell in-branch and on calls.

Expedited cross-sell conversion

Enable customers to claim their cross-sell offer for a credit card or deposit account in a few clicks with Blend’s “review and submit” feature.

Provide a fully digital consumer experience for personal loans

Provide a fully digital consumer experience for personal loans

Digital self-serve interface

Guide customers through the personal loan or line of credit application process with our intuitive user experience and responsive design.

Blend Workspace for Bankers

Enable teams to send invites to borrowers and prioritize applications with a customizable pipeline view.


Provide real-time assistance to borrowers, supporting them throughout the self-serve application process when questions arise.

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