Better banking runs on Blend

Technology for people—not just data capture.

Grow, standardize, optimize

Accelerate growth by making it easier for customers to succeed

Abstract away the complexities of how work gets done to focus on the business of helping people make financial progress.

Standardize excellence at your own pace

Power consistent performance and experiences across all product and origination channels through a single, unified platform.

Break free from monolithic architectures and accelerate innovation

Create value for your customers, your way, with iterative and rapid product and service delivery optimization.

Flexible solutions across the suite of consumer banking products

Deposit Accounts Home Equity Consumer Loans
Deposit Accounts Home Equity Consumer Loans

Omnichannel deposit account origination

Simplified onboarding drives faster application conversion, leading to deeper relationships with loyal customers.

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Product screen of application approval

Home Equity lending, in an instant

Empower homeowners with expert guidance through automated workflows and verified data integrations.

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Product screen showing employment verification

Ready-to-deploy onboarding journeys

Activate growth by providing transparency and instant feedback to customers and bankers.

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Mobile product screens showing vehicle identification and card balance transfer

Rapid innovation with Blend Builder

Deliver best in class products at scale with the power of composable origination. Build differentiated experiences and iterate faster on the Blend Builder Platform.

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“We’ve been thrilled to see BMO Harris’ digital loan volume grow as we serve our customers in a more convenient way without sacrificing quality customer service.”

Thomas Parrish

Head of Retail Lending Product Management, BMO Harris Bank


YoY increase in digital home equity applications

5 days

Shaved from mortgage and home equity cycles


YoY growth in overall home equity applications

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“We want a consumer solution for all products because we don’t want our members to have different experiences on different platforms.”

Ron Senci

Executive Vice President of Sales and Lending, Elements Financial


Increase in auto, personal loan, and credit card applications


Submit time reduction for auto, personal loan, and credit card applications


Average increase in deposit account application submission rate

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“Now we go to Blend for everything and it doesn’t matter if it’s a deposit account or mortgage application. If we have a question or need support, it’s one resource.”

John Dunlop

Digital Product Manager, Landmark Credit Union

7 minutes

to open Deposit Accounts vs. 11 days


manual hours saved

<1 hour

to complete mortgage applications vs. 2 weeks

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