• Grow your business with a better customer experience.

  • Close loans faster using intelligent software.

  • Get a rapid return on your investment.

Satisfied customers help your business grow

Blend’s platform gives your customers a choice when it comes to how they want to apply for a loan. And with less paperwork and more transparency, your customers get a better lending experience they’ll want to share with friends.

I am disabled and this application was easy enough for me to do on my own without the help of my son. What a blessing. Thank you.

Customer applying on Blend’s platform

Powerful tools and insights for your team

Blend helps you identify your highest priorities, making it easier to provide best-in-class service from shopping to funding. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, keep your customers’ applications moving forward with our mobile app.

I can turn an application around in five minutes. I feel like this is allowing us to hear our customers and do what they’re asking us to do. It’s setting us up for a win.

Distributed retail loan officer

Big data that works for you

Blend makes it easier for your customers to provide the right information, and streamlines your follow-up requests based on their data. You can have an application ready for decisioning within days.

One 76-year-old customer recently managed to use the firm’s new systems to submit a completed application with accompanying documentation in an hour, he said — something that might have taken several days in the past.

Collaborate with essential people and services

You’ll have a central place to send and request data and documents directly from everyone needed to close the loan.

[With Blend,] I can be so much more efficient and get through many more applications and approvals than I could before.

Distributed retail loan officer

Quick return on investment now and in the future

Blend integrates with your current technology for rapid deployment, so you get to market faster. Our open platform makes it easy to expand your offerings with new tools, data sources, and services.

The partnership with Blend has allowed us to significantly accelerate our time to market with an industry-leading customer experience. Blend’s dynamic online application, data services, and customer connectivity allows us to focus on our strengths as a trusted advisor offering a broad range of products to help customers achieve their homeownership goals.

Executive Top 5 US Retail Bank

Compliant and secure by design

We automatically generate audit reports to help you keep records of customer interactions, and continuously implement updates that anticipate the needs of a dynamic and secure lending environment.