Customer FAQ

This page will help you quickly connect and engage with the right member on the Blend team. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll direct you to the right place. 

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I want to sign up for product release notes

If you haven’t already, be sure to register in Blend Community to both access critical communication regarding upcoming and past releases and ask questions around the content. You can register here.

I want to enable new features

If you’re interested in implementing a Blend feature that you don’t currently have enabled or want to opt out from an upcoming feature, please submit a ticket request to Blend Support. If you would like to enable SMS notifications specifically, contact

I want to learn more about new products

Please reach out to if you are interested in purchasing one of our products, including:

Home Lending Product Suite: Mortgage, Blend Income, Blend Close, SMS Notifications, Home Equity
Consumer Banking Product Suite: Deposit Account, Personal Loan, Vehicle Loan, Credit Card, Identity Verification
Other: Premier Support, Additional Blend Instance(s), Professional Services Engagement

I want to ask a question about renewals

If you have questions about your upcoming renewal or current contract please contact

I want to escalate an issue or report a problem

If you’re experiencing any problems or issues with your products, please submit a ticket request to Blend Support.

I want to learn more about how to use the Blend products and features I already have

If you have questions about Blend products or how to use Blend features, you can find more information in the following resources:

Blend Academy:
Blend Community:
Blend Help Center:

I have a question about billing

If you have any questions about your invoice, please reach out to As a reminder, make sure you’ve submitted your funded loan report to for the month that the invoice concerns.

I have a question about due diligence

If you have any questions about due diligence, please reach out to our Due Diligence/RFP Team at .