Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

(Y)our purpose, (y)our principles. Blend was founded on accessibility — and we're intentionally investing in equity.

ERG: More than just an acronym

We put employees at the center of important conversations. With ten employee resource groups and counting, Blend employees have access to open forums to offer support, develop community, and access leadership opportunities.


supports, represents, and promotes the diverse and multicultural Asian community.


provides support, promotion, and belonging for the diverse interfaith community.


advocates for, retains, and attracts underrepresented people of color.


celebrates, supports, and advocates for the Hispanic/Latinx community.

Blend Salutes

supports veterans entering the private sector while increasing veteran diversity and awareness.


builds community with and supports members and allies of the 40+ age community.


builds community, raises awareness, and drives change for caregivers.


celebrates, empowers, and enhances the visibility of the LGBTQQIA community.


raises awareness of and builds community for those members of Blendkind with disabilities.


provides a safe space to connect, advocate for, and empower women and gender minorities.

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Transparency is the foundation of integrity

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to build a diverse workforce, and we are transparent about where we need to improve.

Download Blend's 2020 Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Annual Report to learn more.


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We couldn’t do it without our partners

We’re proud to partner with organizations that are leading the push for diversity, inclusion, and belonging.


Join our team of diverse thinkers and problem solvers to create the future of finance.