Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging is about more than creating a balanced workforce. It's about allowing all of Blendkind to be their authentic selves at work, and creating the environment for that to happen. I believe in constantly evolving our culture, because we can only do our highest caliber work when we can fully be ourselves, and that can only happen in a culture that is truly inclusive.
Nima Ghamsari
Nima Ghamsari CEO at Blend

Communities at Blend

  • Women at Blend

    We are a safe space that connects and empowers women and their allies to advocate, educate, and drive positive change.

  • Pride at Blend

    Pride at Blend exists to visibly celebrate the LGBTQQIA community within Blend and beyond.

  • Parents at Blend

    We work to build community, raise awareness, and impact change for caregivers within Blend and beyond.


One of our principles is “we are transparent,” and that applies to our demographic data, too. We’re proud of the community we’ve built at Blend, and we’re not afraid to share our shortcomings or blind spots. We’re committed to making intentional choices that ensure Blend is an inclusive place where all of Blendkind feels like they belong.


diversity-stats-overall Overall, our workforce is 31% women, 8% identify as queer, and 41% identify as non-white.

Technical Roles

diversity-stats-technical Of our technical employees, 19% are women, 12% identify as queer, and 48% identify as non-white.


diversity-stats-leadership 26% of our leadership team are women, while 7% identify as queer, and 29% identify as non-white.
It’s hard to share your shortcomings with the world, not just in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, but in life. Part of us sharing our demographics today is us standing up and saying that we are committed to creating a balanced workforce and being honest about where we are.
Ciara Trinidad
Ciara Trinidad Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Blend