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July 17, 2023 in Thought leadership

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Riding the mortgage waves with MarketWise Advisors, Part 3: Build better relationships

Find out how mortgage tech can help you cultivate valuable, lasting relationships in this last installment of our three-part series.

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While increasing your operational leverage is the ultimate goal when you’re looking to close more loans and win more market share, it’s moot if you don’t have strong relationships with your borrowers and real estate agents.

In this third and last blog of the series, you’ll hear from Jordan Brown, CEO of MarketWise Advisors as we explore why you need to focus on loan officer, borrower, and real estate relationships for long-term success and how mortgage technology can support your loan teams in this endeavor.

Read on to learn how to foster more valuable relationships.

Collaborate on a centralized platform

The foundation of any relationship is communication. That’s especially true when your loan teams are working with agents on one of the biggest investments of a client’s life. And when you’re able to communicate throughout the mortgage process on one unified platform, all parties involved can stay efficient, establish trust, and be transparent.

“One central tool for the loan officer, borrower, and real estate agent to collaborate in minimizes opportunities for error and roadblocks,” Brown says. “For example, if a loan officer needs additional information from the borrower or real estate agent during the closing process, they can request it and/or share it through the platform. And since this is where all the (mortgage) action happens and where the loan is frequently updated, agents and borrowers will be able to see it with real-time notifications and take the necessary next steps.”

Deliver an end-to-end mortgage experience

Not only does a centralized platform enable efficient communication, it also ensures a consistent, transparent, and effective experience. Working in the same system from application to close can help cut time from the loan process and reduce overhead costs, allowing loan officers to help more people and, as a result, close more loans.

“Borrowers expect an easy mortgage process,” states Brown. “A true digital mortgage experience is seamless, intuitive, and efficient. To ensure that, lenders need to incorporate an origination solution that supports all parties from beginning to end.”

Personalize the process with high-tech, intuitive tech

How do you feel when your local coffee shop remembers your name? It’ll likely turn into your favorite place to grab a morning treat. That’s how borrowers should feel when they go to you for their mortgage. An intelligent mortgage tech stack will help you customize the experience for each borrower, showing care and catering to their individual needs and goals.

“Personalization involves the details,” Brown says. “Even auto-filling data that borrowers have already given you gives them the convenience they need and helps them feel valued. In addition, the right technology will help cut time from the loan lifecycle, and enable the loan officer to have higher value interactions with borrowers by delivering personalized support.”

Cultivate your relationships with mortgage tech

Implementing a mortgage tech stack that helps you build better relationships with customers and agents is key to staying ahead of the competition. Technology helps everyone stay informed, get tasks done, and supports valuable relationships across the mortgage transaction. With an origination solution like Blend, lenders can ensure they’re providing the right tools for their loan teams to create lifelong partnerships that can benefit them in the long run.

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