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Highlights from a candid conversation between Nima and MBA

Head of Blend Nima Ghamsari describes how our dedication to accessibility, partner collaboration, and keeping an eye on the future shapes Blend’s lending solutions.

As we develop solutions to continuously transform the digital lending space, we are constantly incorporating what better lending means to us in our work. Conversations around operational transparency, like the one that Head of Blend Nima Ghamsari had with the Mortgage Bankers Association, provide the level of insight that we hope to see become the norm across the mortgage industry. Here are three of Nima’s key takeaways on what better digital consumer lending means to us as an organization, as a team, and as drivers of a continually improving lending process.

Better digital lending means encouraging the American dream

Blend was founded to help people reach their financial goals, and because of this, we understand that making our offerings accessible to everyone (no matter where they are in life) is imperative. In his interview, Nima referenced a cultural pulse that remains intact despite significant shifts in the housing industry over the years: “We continue to see that homeownership is a goal across generations.” From a young couple’s first home to a retiree’s last settling place, homeownership is a timeless indicator of safety, security, and serenity. We aim to help grant this for anyone in need of home financing.

Better digital lending means engaging in ceaseless collaboration

From the beginning, our guiding sentiment has been “partnership over disruption.” Transformative change in digital consumer lending doesn’t occur in a silo. It requires interaction and engagement with the people who — every day — face the challenges we hope to solve. As Nima noted, “We’ve made tremendous strides with our lender partners, but there’s still work to be done.” Every day we are encouraged by the incredible successes our lender partners achieve, fueling our continued passion now and into the future.

Better digital lending means enacting the future we want to see

Nima couldn’t have been any clearer. “When we think about Blend’s future, we’re thinking five, ten, fifty years down the road.” The solutions we develop aren’t stopgaps. They aren’t temporary measures. They are sustainable, long-term improvements that will continue to make digital consumer lending better for decades to come. We aim to shape and power the future of banking as we provide financial solutions that cater to the ever-changing needs of our customers and for many generations of customers to come.