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November 19, 2021 in Platform and services

2 minutes

Exploring digital income verification for mortgage with Blend

Take a deep dive into key moments from our verification of income webinar.

On October 27, we hosted a webinar moderated by Molly Hayes (Blend product marketing manager) and featuring insights into digital verification of income (VOI) from Alyssa Mike (Blend product manager) and Katie Oro (Blend solutions engineer). Early arrivals to the webinar were able to deepen their trivia knowledge with Halloween-themed trivia slides before the Blend team officially kicked things off. We covered a lot of ground in the webinar, and for those who missed it and are short on time, we’ve compiled a list of key moments that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Streamlined selections

  • Learn about Blend’s three-pronged approach to VOI that benefits lenders and borrowers alike 08:56
  • Hear how the employer payroll and benefits feature increases coverage and optimizes the consumer experience 11:28
  • See instant verification in action with a product demo by Katie Oro 14:58
  • The log-in based VOI starts at 19:33
  • Explore VOI from the lender’s portal 21:55
  • Catch up on Blend’s upcoming VOI features 23:58
  • Wrap things up with an insightful Q&A 25:09

The future of finance

We’re all digitally-accustomed. We stream curated content, we converse with Siri and Alexa, and we attend virtual events. Almost every facet of our lives has become streamlined. Truth be told, it’s pretty enjoyable. But from retail to financial services, industries are realizing consumers’ demand for digital acceleration is increasing, and that they need to increase their range of digital offerings to keep up. Helping financial institutions achieve the right level of digital agility and expanding access to the world’s financial resources are at the heart of our operations at Blend. Which is why we work tirelessly to create efficient products that improve lender workflows and deliver a seamless borrower experience.

We recently announced a key component to our vision for the future of finance — Blend Income Verification. Verification of income (VOI) has historically been a manual, paper-based process that relies on traditional sources of income information, like W2 forms. But what about gig workers, freelancers, and even small business owners?

Verifying non-traditional income sources is tedious, requires significant third-party coordination, and is often inaccurate. The result? Inefficient lender workflows and rejected borrower applications. Unlike existing digital solutions for income verification that are largely fragmented, Blend Income Verification offers users a single, streamlined solution — lenders have access to more coverage and can verify more income sources instantly.

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