Introducing real-time and transparent mortgage insurance rate quotes in our LO Toolkit | Blend

Introducing real-time and transparent mortgage insurance rate quotes in our LO Toolkit

By directly integrating with all six of the nationally GSE-approved mortgage insurance providers, Blend fosters stronger collaboration and trust between loan officers and their borrowers.

We are proud to announce that we’ve released two new product features within the Blend LO Toolkit: fee management and obtaining real-time mortgage insurance rate quotes.

Blend designed the LO Toolkit to optimize loan officer workflow efficiency and mirror how they interact with their borrowers. This includes starting applications, pulling credit, structuring loans, granting pre-approvals, and locking in rates within one end-to-end solution. We aimed to enable LOs to focus on building their business and managing their relationships by automating manual tasks and providing all the tools they need in one place. 

As part of our commitment to improving and expanding our LO Toolkit, we’ve now focused on fine-tuning the mortgage insurance rate quote workflow for LOs. We’ve partnered with all six private mortgage insurance providers to bring direct integrations into our toolkit. 

Now, LOs can provide a more transparent picture of their borrowers’ proposed housing expenses and qualifications, total mortgage payments, and loan information. This also enables LOs to provide a better borrower experience and drive collaboration with customers — all while saving time that would otherwise be spent in separate product pricing engines or LOS, and inadvertently creating a disjointed process for borrowers. 

Delivering value throughout the loan process

Establishing trust with a borrower as soon as possible is essential for building long-lasting customer relationships. While there are a number of ways throughout the mortgage process that loan officers can do this, being transparent about details like mortgage insurance rates early on is one of the best. 

Since Blend regularly collaborates with the industry’s most innovative leaders, it’s only fitting we partnered with all six private mortgage insurance providers to bring this capability to life.

  • Arch Mortgage Insurance Company
  • Enact Mortgage Insurance Corporation 
  • Essent
  • Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
  • National Mortgage Insurance Corporation
  • Radian Mortgage Insurance

“We’re excited to partner with Blend to bring mortgage insurance rates to their Mortgage Suite, empowering loan officers to establish confidence and trust with consumers by providing transparency earlier in the mortgage lifecycle,” said MGIC’s Leslie Bensen, Director, Partner Solutions.

Rethinking the origination process for today and tomorrow

“MGIC welcomes the opportunity to advance mortgage industry technology with innovative partners like Blend.” said Bensen. 
Leslie Bensen
Director, Partner Solutions at MGIC

By better collaborating with each other and establishing transparency early on in the loan process, both lenders and borrowers can benefit from a more enhanced and less fragmented experience. Perhaps more importantly, loan officers can use the time freed up from this capability to do what they do best — be a trusted and knowledgeable home financing advisor. 

There has been considerable innovation in digital mortgage tools, especially in the last few years. And Blend’s LO Toolkit is constantly adapting to changing environments with modern solutions that help drive the industry forward. 

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