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January 7, 2021 in Mortgage Suite

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Announcing our expanded partnership with Freddie Mac

Direct integration with Loan Product Advisor®, Freddie Mac’s automated underwriting system, advances our joint goals of scaling positive impact for borrowers and lenders.

Illustration of the homebuying journey

Strong partnerships and technology integrations power our platform, helping us fuel a streamlined lending journey. With a shared vision for the future of homebuying, Freddie Mac is one of these key partners. Together, we’ve already enabled solutions that help drive faster assessment of asset data and reduce the amount of paperwork needed to simplify the lending process for all stakeholders.

We’re excited to announce the expansion of this partnership to include a direct integration with Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM), Freddie Mac’s automated underwriting system (AUS). This integration advances our joint goals of scaling impact and better serving both lenders and borrowers.

Transforming the homebuying journey


Integrations power our platform

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Blend’s Mortgage Suite helps lenders deliver a seamless digital mortgage experience from application to close.

We work closely with our partners to innovate at the speed of modern lending, offering data-driven workflows that automate time-consuming tasks, guided application flows that optimize for conversion, and streamlined processes that connect borrowers, loan teams, settlement agents, and real estate agents throughout the homebuying journey.

We share our customers’ priorities: providing best-in-class customer experiences for borrowers and closing more loans at a lower cost. We continually seek out partnerships to help us deliver on these goals.

What the expanded Freddie Mac partnership means for lenders

With a full LPA integration in place, our platform now powers dual AUS submission in one click, automating the review of the GSEs’ AUS findings reports. This gives loan teams a clearer picture of all options available to them and the borrower, with the ability to get view of purchase eligibility from both GSE’s AUSs.

By running both AUSs up front, it’s easier and faster to identify the best option for the borrower as early as possible — saving both time and costs. Loan teams can increase productivity, improve accuracy in the loan decisioning and underwriting processes, and reduce the overall loan origination cycle time.

Dual AUS submission maximizes loan fungibility and validity in the secondary market for lenders, all without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Our customers can now expand their reach to serve additional loan scenarios and different types of borrowers whom they may have not previously been able to qualify. Additionally, they can broaden their geographical reach into new markets.

With lenders now able to serve more loan types and borrowers, we are looking forward to serving more borrowers with our intuitive application and seamless homebuying journey.

Dual AUS submission provides borrowers with more optionality, potentially leading to more favorable loan conditions. And because dual AUS saves time, borrowers benefit from a shorter loan application process and can get into their homes faster.

Growing a lasting partnership

Blend is a Freddie Mac-approved third-party service provider. In 2019, Blend announced it was the first digital lending platform approved for Loan Product Advisor asset and income modeler (AIM), a solution that simplifies the underwriting process for lenders.

Our strengthened partnership helps Freddie Mac expand their distribution channel with a leader in mortgage point of sale (POS) and reach a broader set of lenders and borrowers across digital channels.

We look forward to the future of this partnership, continually evolving to better serve lending institutions and their customers.

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