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3 ways Blend frees up LOs to take on work that drives long-term value

LOs can optimize efficiency, close more loans, and build lasting customer relationships.

Loan officers (LOs) are essential to delivering delightful customer experiences that drive repeat business — they’re the faces customers know best, the names they recognize in their inbox, and the most accessible touchpoints for questions and concerns.

However, without the right tools to support them, LOs can end up spending more time inputting data than deepening relationships. That’s why Blend is committed to developing solutions that cater to LOs’ unique needs, like streamlining the loan application and approval processes so LOs can focus on strengthening their customer connections.

“Blend takes a person who’s been in the business for one year and gives them the power of someone who’s been in the business for over a decade,” said PRMI EVP of Secondary Marketing A.J. Swope.

Here are three ways Blend frees up LOs to take on work that drives long-term value:

1. Reduce tedious manual work

Organizing documents, sourcing signatures, and sending follow-up emails are all common steps in the LO workflow, but these manual tasks can be tedious and time-consuming.

“Before Blend, every email I had to send was a reminder. I was constantly following up with our customers and keeping track of who owed me what documents,” said Tori Sommer, a consumer loan processor at Rural 1st. “With Blend I don’t have to do this anymore.”

Automated emails and automatic document updates help cut down on LOs’ to-do lists, leaving them with more energy and attention to devote to borrowers. “It’s so much easier,” added Colin McMahon, an LO at Lennar Mortgage. “Now people are just signing their disclosures without me following up.”

Fewer follow-ups also means LOs can turn their attention to other work projects, while resting assured that their loans are moving along. “Using Blend means I don’t have to manually touch every file every day because it’s working in the background while I’m working on the new ones,” explained PRMI Branch Manager Linda Weir.

2. Enhance the customer experience

A key to closing more loans is delivering a superior customer experience — and that starts with educating and uplifting customers during the process. Blend helps lending teams provide more transparency, along with an elevated, consistent user experience.

“As a lender, it’s really important for us to be consistent in the member service experience,” said Prabha KC, an LO at Navy Federal Credit Union. KC added that the flexibility Blend offers is invaluable.

“If members are overseas, they can still access their loan information. They can see what’s going on with the loan status, if it’s pre-approved or approved, and if it’s ready to close. I think they’re getting a sense of ownership over the process.”

With an intuitive online application and accessible interface, borrowers can spend less time searching their inbox for files and asking LOs for updates.

3. Supercharge efficiency with one unified platform

Migrating the LO workflow to one unified platform can help expedite loan applications, facilitate approvals, and reduce dependency on loan origination systems, allowing LOs to work more efficiently.

“With Blend, there’s one system from beginning to end, from initial documentation all the way through disclosures,” said Tara Ryan, a senior LO at Fairway Independent Mortgage Company.

Instead of relying on multiple tools and countless digital folders to organize data and correspondences, LOs can access the information they need in one central location. “All documents and communication live in Blend,” added Sommer, “and once I have everything on the platform, there’s the added bonus of knowing that a customer is fully on board and committed.”

The result is more time for one-on-one interaction and personalized guidance. “Prior to Blend, LOs would take applications over the phone,” said Sonya Barcomb, vice president of originating platform at CrossCountry Mortgage. “Now, with Blend, because the online application is so easy and intuitive for the borrower to use, LOs still are able to have that phone call with the borrower but that time is spent getting to know the borrower more.”

Transform your LOs into trusted advisors

The most effective LOs don’t merely meet their borrowers’ needs — they go above and beyond to guide borrowers through the loan process, doling out expert advice and sharing important updates along the way. However, transforming from a competent LO into a trusted advisor — one customers return to over and over again — requires extra time and care.

Fortunately, Blend makes it easier for LOs to support the people they serve. With a single digital system that streamlines their workflow, LOs can ramp up efficiency, close more loans with less hassle, and build customer relationships that last.