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How change management leads to transformation

In my work at Blend, I am continually discovering how a successful change management strategy can lead to the transformation of an entire organization in profound and lasting ways.

I have seen our customers boldly navigate that journey — from “change novice” to “transformed machine” — time and time again.

At its core, change management involves executing a finite initiative, such as implementing new technology. Successful change management strategies give teams a detailed roadmap to implement workplace changes in a results-oriented manner.

Check out our 7 POINT GUIDE TO CHANGE MANAGEMENT to learn more.

When executed well, they can have a broad impact on an organization through constructive transformation — the cultural shift where improvement becomes part of the fabric of a workplace. It becomes habit. Working intelligently, efficiently, and collaboratively becomes everyone’s job.

As Blend’s Professional Services and Support Manager, I work with a team of more than 60 individuals who help our customers unlock the full value of our Digital Lending Platform.

Digital Lending Platforms streamline the process of getting a mortgage, consumer loan, or deposit account, enabling lenders to close more loans at lower cost, while creating deeper customer relationships.


My team gets involved in every aspect of the customer lifecycle: from developing optimized business models to configuring and implementing software. We help with tasks as basic as resetting passwords to troubleshooting connectivity or integration issues with a lender’s LOS. We take great care with each deployment, making sure our customer’s questions, needs, and problems are quickly addressed.

Taking a holistic approach

We believe in taking a holistic approach to problem solving, looking broadly at an entire organization and understanding its technologies, goals, people, and processes. Our core objective is to help lenders eliminate unnecessary steps and reduce submit-to-close times so they can interact with their customers more intimately and build better relationships.

As someone who studied psychology and sociology in college, I think of myself as a people leader first and a business solutions person second. I also understand how organizational change can be difficult. I talked about this during a recent webinar with HousingWire.

Watch the HOUSINGWIRE WEBINAR to learn more.

Reinventing your organization to align with new business models can be both invigorating and terrifying because change is emotional. Changing behavior can be particularly hard when teams don’t quite see how the new ways of working will benefit them and their clients.

That’s where Blend can really help.

Blend and Eagle Home Mortgage

After Eagle Home Mortgage partnered with Blend in April 2018, we helped them identify where they could modify their workflows to align with the benefits of our technology. At the same time, they helped us understand how our technology needed to be modified to meet their business model.

We helped them gain broader insights into their processes and assisted them with the appropriate adjustments. Yianni Garcia, vice president of marketing and innovation at Eagle, joined me on the HousingWire webinar, which tackled the question: “Does your company have a true digital strategy, or are you just upgrading software?”

Eagle’s executives grew increasingly confident that Blend was providing the right solution to take their company, brand, and values to the next level. We helped them understand the change management benefits, which transformed their culture and enhanced their customers’ experiences.

Blend’s expertise in change management has been recognized within the industry. I recently received the tremendous honor of being named by HousingWire as one of their Women of Influence in 2019. This is an amazing group of women and just to be part of it is pretty special.

I am humbled by this recognition and so proud of my team’s hard work on behalf of Blend’s customers.

I may be their leader, but I work for them.