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Featured ebook: Thriving as a mortgage lender of the future

Editor’s note: Wow. Things sure do change quickly. During the period leading up to the publication of this ebook, all indications pointed to a down year for both refis and originations. As everyone is well aware, this has not played out. We have implemented up-to-date data in this ebook to ensure we are all speaking the same language. It is our firm belief, however, that the underlying message remains the same: since none of us has access to a fully functioning crystal ball, we should do our best to prepare for both the highs and lows — now. Blend’s Digital Lending Platform offers streamlined processing to manage spikes similar to what we are experiencing now, while also offering the conversion-friendly, delightful customer experience that drives demand during lulls. 

2019 was a banner year for the mortgage industry. Both originations and refinancings soared amid low interest rates. But with changing market conditions, the strong growth is not expected to extend into 2020 and beyond. Looking forward, things are less certain. Despite best intentions, the dynamic market of early 2020 has made it clear: to ride the highs and weather the lows, it is imperative to be equipped now with technology that will prepare you for all future scenarios.

Now is the time for forward-thinking mortgage executives to reimagine the home buying journey for their customers. By implementing best-in-class technology, centered around a Digital Lending Platform, lenders can deliver a fast and frictionless consumer experience, grow their business, and thrive as a mortgage lender of the future.

Looking for an action plan that will set you up for success as a mortgage lender of the future?

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In our ebook, Thriving as a mortgage lender of the future, you’ll gain the tools to:

  • Navigate the challenges ahead
  • Win tech-savvy new homebuyers with a digital mortgage and a personal touch
  • Follow the lead of consumer-centric brands to avoid the pitfalls of inertia
  • Get your LOs motivated, engaged, and on board
  • Fully embrace transformative technology powered by an end-to-end Digital Lending Platform

Our ebook will give you the tools you need to keep growing, keep innovating, and keep winning new customers.

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