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A personalized approach to marketing home equity

Through our partnerships with a wide variety of banks, credit unions, and IMBs, we’ve learned best practices for nurturing long-lasting relationships with customers while guiding them towards their goals. Our marketing methods are highly targeted and focus on the ways consumers can benefit from utilizing home equity.

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Tailoring your campaigns to each audience is key. There are many advantages of tapping home equity, and it’s important to highlight the relevant features in your outreach. For example, first-time homeowners have different goals and priorities than those planning for retirement. Choosing the right marketing channels for your audience is just as important, and an omnichannel strategy is sure to foster positive relationships with your customers.

We’ve compiled our most useful tips for how to develop engaging materials so you can create a memorable brand experience. When potential customers think home equity, you want your name to be top of mind. Learn how to reach people where they are along the customer journey, providing the peace of mind and sense of security they expect.

Our ebook helps your team take a more thoughtful approach to marketing home equity.

Building home equity into your marketing mix outlines how to craft a strategy that effectively engages your customers. Read the full guide for strategies on:

    • Educating your customers on the uses for home equity
    • Creating branding tools that keep you top of mind
    • Delivering your message when and where it matters

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