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Why Blend?

Discover Blend’s approach to leveraging your institutions’ unique advantages to cement customer engagement.

The financial services industry is changing, and ensuring loyalty is increasingly difficult. Customers demand digital experiences that are fast, easy, and efficient. And they will switch financial institutions to get them. This shift is one of the most pressing challenges for financial institutions — banks, credit unions, and non-depository institutions alike.

Despite considerable challenges, each type of financial institution holds unique strengths. We believe that every FI can develop a compelling value proposition for customers by leveraging digital experiences and a personal touch in a way that plays to their advantages and resonates with their individual customer base. We’re the experienced partner that can help you get there.

Whether you operate a bank, credit union, or non-depository institution, here are the unique values Blend can bring to your financial institution.

Why Blend: For banks

The primary customer relationships that banks build their businesses on are at risk. Challenger banks are growing their share of primary customers, largely thanks to the convenience of their online services, while megabanks are seeing their share decline.

With Blend, banks can strengthen their primary relationships by offering the end-to-end digital experiences customers want. Our solutions help banks personalize offers to customers across financial milestones while also enabling market responsiveness with agile technology that lets you adapt to changing dynamics quickly.

Why Blend: For credit unions

Credit unions have historically enjoyed thriving member relationships and loyalty. The in-person branch experience is where credit unions shine, but it is no longer enough.¹

Blend helps credit unions translate the personal to the digital, enhancing your online capabilities and service offerings while keeping what feels familiar to members front and center. It’s the best of both worlds, and puts the focus, both in-branch and online, where it belongs — on your members.

Why Blend: For non-depository institutions

Online lenders have seen their market share grow, while traditional lenders have seen their market share decline. However, NDIs have strong differentiators — namely, trusted loan officers.

Blend helps you leverage your loan teams’ expertise while incorporating digital processes into the customer experience. We help you develop strategic direction, maximize your marketing dollars, and automate routine tasks so your loan officers can focus on providing one-on-one customer guidance.

Whether you’re a bank, credit union, or NDI, discover how Blend can help you bring your financial institution into the digital future and build a thriving customer base.

¹ACSI Finance, Insurance, and Health Care Report 2019-2020