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September 1, 2021 in Blendkind

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Welcome home: Introducing Blend’s newest ERGs

Employee Resource Groups are an integral part of Blend’s employee-led culture — and we’re now ten strong.

Belonging at Blend

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Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are core to our values, and championing them is as relevant here at Blend as it is in the broader community. We’re committed to creating an inclusive, employee-led culture that is the foundation of everyday life at Blend. On average we spend a third of our lives working, which is why it’s important for us to make our employees feel at home — whether they’re in-office or working remotely.

It is our responsibility to create conditions that encourage authentic self-expression that will ultimately lead to a greater sense of belonging. Members of Blendkind seeking a more formal opportunity to commune can join Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) — dedicated spaces where people can bond over a shared identity, experience, and/or interest. We’ve recently grown from seven to ten ERGs, and we are excited to introduce you to the latest additions.

Refreshed ERGs at Blend (10)

Resilient@blend supports and celebrates members of the Blend community who live and work with disabilities. We exist as a place where people with visible and invisible disabilities can come together to talk, learn, propose change, and raise awareness. We also seek to invest in top talent from the disabled community.

Believe@blend exists to provide a space and a resource for members from all faith traditions and backgrounds to learn from each other and engage in dialogue about their shared and distinct values — including how those values manifest in our personal and professional lives.

blendWise represents our community of savvy colleagues aged 40 and up. We offer a safe space for seasoned colleagues and our allies to laugh, learn, and grow.

The ABCs of launching a new ERG

While there is no set cadence for how frequently we add ERGs, there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order for a new ERG to be approved. In addition to being an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) protected class, new ERGs must have at least four members and an executive sponsor from the Blend leadership team.

After an initial proposal for a new ERG is submitted, the Inclusion Programs Lead works with participants to discuss certain criteria, including but not limited to: developing a mission statement, outlining a budget, determining a meeting schedule, and identifying preliminary success measures. Once these pieces have been worked out, the Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging can approve the ERG’s launch.

Reimagining the employee experience

At Blend we’re not just customer-centric, we’re also employee-centric. We know that every member of Blendkind contributes to our shared success, and we work daily to foster an inclusive environment that enables everyone to be their best selves. Going to work shouldn’t feel like a chore — it should feel like an opportunity for continued success. Which is why we’re continuing to invest in a happy, healthy, and inclusive workforce.

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