Delivering better lending with Fannie Mae

We are excited to announce that Blend is officially approved to supply asset verification reports for Fannie Mae’s innovative Day 1 Certainty™ program. This is a huge milestone for us in our journey toward creating a more data-backed experience that drives a more sustainable industry. Today also marks a major win for the industry because […] Read the full story

Stepping up to define privilege in tech

“Tell me how you feel about where you’re standing? Are you surprised?” A group of 15 people looked around at where they were located, comparing themselves to the others around them, as a larger group quietly observed. The group was made up of my colleagues from Blend, along with about 30 other attendees of The […] Read the full story

Redshifting Into Gear

In November of last year, the Data Team at Blend built out a data ingestion pipeline for piping data from Amazon S3 into Amazon Redshift. Over the course of a week, we experimented with a host of different parameters, including file types and workflows, ultimately resulting in a 1000x improvement in performance. One might say we redshifted into gear. Read the full story

Laying the Foundation for Rising Housing Demand

Housing supply is at a 20-year low. At the same time, Millennials entering the market are fueling a strong demand for homes. Unfortunately, that means not everyone who wants a house can afford one. People are also frequently put off by the cost and complexity of applying for a mortgage. With origination costs adding an […] Read the full story

Better Lending: The Next Chapter

Today we have the pleasure of announcing that Blend has raised $100 million in a new round of funding led by Greylock Partners. The opportunity for our technology in the $40+ trillion consumer lending market is huge, but the industry won’t change overnight. To realize our goals, we need to continue scaling and bringing together the best talent, partners, and backers to get us to the next level. Read the full story

Family leave for the modern worker

Balancing being a great parent and a great worker is really hard. Benefits are a manifestation of our principles and culture. We wanted to make clear what we stand for: an inclusive, employee-led culture where everyone can do their best work. We have to make it easier for all parents and other family members to take leave. Read the full story