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Using customer insights to optimize your loan origination process

The mortgage loan process is complex, but consumer expectations are fairly clear: they want to close fast. Using data from SourceMedia’s recent survey of first-time home buyers, this webinar unpacks those expectations and lays out tactical steps that can helps lenders optimize the loan origination process.

Actual customer insights on the loan process

Blend has put together panel of experts to explore findings from and comb through the perspective of actual consumers for insights what consumers actually understand about the process and what they really want out of a digital experience.

Tune in to discover:

  • Consumers’ understanding of the mortgage loan process (from pre-approval to closing)
  • Consumers’ decision-making process in selecting a mortgage lender
  • Consumers’ desire for human and digital interactions
  • Consumers’ go-to resources for self-education


Top tips to optimize your loan origination process

Plus, sales trainer, author, and consumer advocate, Dale Vermillion, shares his top tips for leveraging these insights to optimize your loan origination process, including how to:

  • Build a relationship with your borrowers by educating them on the mortgage loan process
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition and combat trigger-marketing, and
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience with borrower-centric sales and service


Build your loan origination process around what consumers actually do and think when it comes to their home-buying decision.