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Omnichannel Expectations

One platform for every channel. Welcome to the future of consumer banking.

Modern lending experiences need to meet people on their terms. No matter what channel your customers use, they should feel catered to. Recognized. Valued.

Blend connects three core consumer touchpoints — in-branch meetings, phone calls, and in-app applications into one centralized digital core. Rest easy knowing that no matter how an applicant wants to engage, Blend provides a way.

      • Is Sarah hoping for a quick phone call before connecting her accounts? A direct line is just a click away.
      • Does Theresa need help answering a question correctly in the application, but can’t come into the branch during her lunch hour? Blend’s Co-Pilot functionality allows a loan officer to work directly with her in the application, no matter where in the world they both may be. Learn more about how Co-Pilot can maximize completion rates and ease applicant stress.
      • Is Joe craving in-person reassurance? Contact details for his loan officer or banker are available at every step of the way.

Start anywhere, submit anywhere

Blend allows consumers to start the process of getting a loan in whatever channel is most convenient and finish in any other. For example, Sarah can start an application online at night and finish by delivering her documents directly to her loan officer in person.

Joe can walk into his usual branch or reach out via phone and finish his application, document uploads, or e-signing at home on his desktop at any time of day.

Give your customers the flexibility they need with Blend’s omnichannel experience.

“Easy is the new nice”

Show customers that you care about them with simple, guided digital experiences — just like they’d have in person if they walked into a branch.

Consumers aren’t looking for financial products. They are looking for support in fulfilling their dreams: going to college, purchasing their favorite car, buying their ideal home, or renovating that home for their growing family.

Blend replaces the haphazard interactions between loan teams and consumers with one elegant experience they’ll remember you for.

Be everywhere at once with Blend. Talk with our team today.