Automated Asset Verification | Fannie Mae D1C & Freddie Mac AIM

Fannie Mae D1C and Freddie Mac AIM

Making the digital mortgage a reality

Blend’s relationships with industry partners pave the way for ongoing advances in digital lending, setting you up to reap the rewards of faster processing.

As the only Digital Lending Platform that is an approved asset verification report supplier for both Day 1 Certainty by Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac’s  Loan Product Advisor® asset and income modeler (AIM) program,  Blend helps lenders more easily take advantage of these programs.

For lenders, participation means replacing paper documents with connections to source data for a faster and more efficient verification process. The result is shorter loan cycles, a superior home-buying experience for the consumer, and the peace of mind offered by protection against repurchase.

Through these partnerships, any loan in which a consumer successfully connects to a financial institution is automatically eligible for either program, when assets are validated through the AUS.

An application designed to increase account connection rates

Elegant, straightforward design builds trust and is inviting to consumers — this translates to an increased number of  consumers willing to seamlessly and securely connect their accounts to source data. The ability to connect directly as part of the application experience, without needing to access a separate application, further increases connection rates. With the Blend product, lenders have seen up to 62% of consumers connect their accounts.

A streamlined verification process for loan teams

The ability for consumers to connect an account is embedded in the application — no initial set-up is required. Loan teams can complete the verification process in a few clicks, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

Once the consumer connects an account during the application process, Blend Verification automatically imports asset data and creates an asset verification report to be included in the AUS run for eligibility assessment.

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