Homeowners insurance

Enable consumers to easily compare policy quotes from 20+ insurance carriers and then purchase online if available or connect with an insurance specialist.

Save time and reduce the risk of closing delays — the declaration page is automatically uploaded to Blend and synced to your LOS.

Image of title insurance feature within the Blend platform

Title insurance

Connect loan teams and consumers with title and settlement providers through the Blend platform.

Automate title search commitment upon loan application submission, digitally reconcile settlement fees, and guide consumers through a secure closing and escrow process.

Mobile view of Real estate agent assignment with Blend’s Homeownership Marketplaces

Real estate agent matching

If a consumer isn’t already working with a real estate agent, allow them to match with a top local real estate agent who can provide guidance throughout the purchase process.

Where eligible, customers can earn a cash back offer on the purchase of their home.

For customers

  • Deliver a one-stop experience

    Eliminate the need for customers to log in to multiple systems and provide information more than once.

  • Provide personalized recommendations

    Surface relevant service offerings based on a consumer’s unique situation.

  • Reduce customer closing costs

    Help consumers save with competitively priced services and access to a cash back offer on their home purchase where eligible.

For loan teams

  • Increase conversion rates

    Keep consumers in one portal for the entirety of the mortgage experience.

  • Optimize efficiency

    Save loan teams time by automating processes and streamlining communications.

  • Differentiate your offering

    Exceed customer expectations by proactively presenting competitively priced offerings.