Welcome to Blend!

For some time, we’ve been quietly rolling out technology empowering some of the country’s largest lenders to originate mortgages more efficiently and compliantly than ever before while offering their borrowers a more compelling user experience. We think it might be helpful to explain why we chose this mission.

Our Challenge: Legacy Systems, Systemic Pain

In the midst of the 2008 sub-prime crisis, Blend’s co-founders were involved in the mortgage industry in various capacities. We learned first-hand just how opaque the process is — even for top-level executives. The most forward-leaning of them genuinely wanted to offer borrowers the best possible products and experiences. However, the persistence of paper and legacy technologies made it extremely hard for them to deliver. Add archaic systems, compounded by constantly shifting regulatory standards, and these large companies couldn’t adapt to the formidable challenges of the meltdown.

Seven years later, many rules have changed, but the mortgage industry is still feeling the same pain: it’s difficult for lending teams and inefficient for executives. And let’s not forget the borrower. In an era when millennial consumers are accustomed to doing everything from hiring a cab to filing their taxes on their mobile phones, getting a home mortgage – one of life’s most important financial and personal milestones – is still mired in the technological dark ages.

Our Commitment: Enabling the Modern Mortgage Lender

As engineers, we’re always tinkering and trying to figure out how to improve things: the harder the problem, the better! That’s what we’re doing here: working with partners in the multi-trillion dollar mortgage lending space to understand their pain, so we can build powerful technology from the ground-up to meet their biggest challenges. It’s not the sexiest problem in the world — as Scott Sambucci, one of our executives, will tell you — but it must be solved…for everybody’s sake.

With Blend’s originations application — our flagship application — mortgage executives can finally bring their originations process into the 21st century in a matter of weeks. By pushing mortgage originations to the digital era, Blend enables lenders finally to deliver on three fundamental goals: driving down origination costs for shareholders, delivering loans with airtight digital compliance for regulators, and offering the awesome consumer experience borrowers, especially millennials, demand.

We’re excited to be transforming the lending industry from one with a great deal of pain to an industry where efficiency, compliance and customer satisfaction are in harmony. We’re just getting started and can’t wait to help take the mortgage industry into a new future, revolutionizing the industry in cooperation with our partners and customers.

  • Nima Ghamsari (CEO)
  • Eugene Marinelli (CTO)
  • Rosco Hill (CSO)
  • Erin Collard (CFO)