3 forces are driving the future of lending

Insights from Tim Mayopoulos

We spend a lot of time thinking about the future of lending: what that will look like for our customers and how the lenders of today can be the lenders of the future.

Before he joined Blend as president in early 2019, Tim Mayopoulos served as CEO of Fannie Mae, where he helped define what the future of lending will be. As he put it in a new LinkedIn post, Tim’s goal was “to help bring the mortgage lending business into the 21st century from a technology perspective.”

“And frankly, my decision to join Blend was based on my belief that the things that Blend is working on with lenders are going to yield the future of lending,” Tim wrote in his post.

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In his LinkedIn article, Tim shared his view that the future of lending will be driven by three key sets of players: consumers, investors, and new market entrants. To connect these players, we have built our Digital Lending Platform, offering the future of lending today.


“Consumers want to be able to perform all aspects of home buying in a manner that is consistent with shopping for other goods and services. They expect it to be simple.”


“Technologies that are fast, efficient, and digital give investors a line of sight into underwriting practices and loan quality that didn’t exist even six or seven years ago.”

New market entrants

“New market entrants know that the processes of old will not win in the long term. So they are investing heavily in technology to create customer delight.”

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