The era of the Digital Lending Platform is here

Across the mortgage industry, mortgage POS technologies naturally attract buzz. It’s a market defined by hype. Various vendors duke it out, vying for the attention of hungry loan teams, desperately staking claims to stand out from the crowd.

At Blend, we have a slightly different approach.

Curious about our approach?


It’s time to go beyond the mortgage POS. Digital Lending Platforms transcend what limited POS systems offer, adding value across lending organizations.

As Justin Schuster, our head of marketing, put it:

“The era of the mortgage POS is ending, and the era of the digital lending platform has begun. This new era promises substantial benefits over first generation POS systems for both consumers and lenders.”

In an MBA Insights piece, Justin broke down what the Digital Lending Platform future holds for lenders. Here are two key takeaways from his article:

A single-use tool is insufficient.

With Digital Lending Platforms, digital steps across the mortgage application process are only one piece of the puzzle. Interconnect and amplify the efficiency of your mortgage workflow, freeing time for high value-add relationship building.

Digital transformation requires more than a piecemeal strategy.

Implementation of flashy POS technology can only ever generate success for a singular component of your organization. Digital Lending Platforms ensure systemic transformation in a single action.

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